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More Hellfire Gala Fallout In Today's Krakoan X-Men Comics
But the fallout continues. Kirbons And More Hellfire Gala Fallout In Today's X-Men Comics Doctor Doom dines with Storm, his profiteroles to her ice cream, and discusses what he knows of Mysterium. Kirbons And More Hellfire Gala Fallout In Today's X-Men Comics A magical metal created from… hang on… primal Kirbons? Oh, I remember those[...]
Astonishing X-Men Wolverine Slashes His Way To Sideshow
Sideshow has revealed their newest Marvel Comics collectible with the Astonishing X-Men Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure Standing at 12" tall, Wolverine is back doing what he does the best with this incredible figure Capturing his comic book appearance perfectly, Sideshow features Logan in his iconic yellow X suit This unkillable mutant will come with some[...]
Marvel Comics Magneto Will Reign Supreme With New PCS Statue
Whether you're a fan of Marvel Future Revolution, the X-Men, or Marvel Comics, this is a great statue for any fan The 1:6 Scale Magneto Diorama Statue from Sideshow is set to release between June – August 2022 The Standard is priced at $450, the Supreme is priced at $605, and both can be found[...]
Will Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.8 Set A New Sales Record Today?
Back in March, a Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC slabbed at a 9.8 condition sold for $67,900 In April a similar copy sold for $60,000 But the market has been ramping up since, with X-Men getting a lot of attention courtesy of its recent Planet-Size X-Men #1 refocusing attention on the original and the expectation of[...]
Cover image for SWORD #7
Way back in Uncanny X-Men #145, Doctor Doom treated Storm to a nice dinner In this preview of SWORD #7, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, Storm repays the favor, treating Doom to some fine dining on Planet Arakko You would think this would be a fine time for revenge, but instead, Ororo serves[...]
Cover image for CABLE #12
The whole point of killing off Old Man Cable is because he was letting the original five time-displaced X-Men destroy the timeline due to sentimentality, but it doesn't look like Kid Cable is doing such a hot job of keeping things order himself, considering we find both Old Man and Kid Cable battling out with[...]
Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow As Phoenix?
Two DC Comics out today tap into Marvel's X-Men comic books, it seems The first, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #2 by Tom King and Bilquis Evely sees her take a special kind of Red Kryptonite Classically shown to cause odd behavior or bizarre transformations, albeit temporary and non-fatal, the effects of red kryptonite typically last[...]
Krakoa And Brexit
And no, that didn't go down well either. The reason I mention this (and throw in Krakoa) is the Bleeding Cool has been covering the plotline in Excalibur and the rest of the X-Men titles at the Hellfire Gala In last week's Marauders #21, as the Hellfire Gala kicked off, Krakoa was host to one intriguing[...]
Chris Claremont Teases Gambit Comics Series
He has a disdain for the current Jonathan Hickman showrunning the X-Men titles and everything he does for Marvel has seemed to be set in the past or an alternate reality where it won't impinge on the Big Krakoan Plan But will Gambit – when it is announced – fit in with recent Excalibur storylines[...]
Cover image for X-MEN LEGENDS #5
Marvel returns to Peter David's classic X-Factor run in this preview of X-Men Legends #5, in stores Wednesday This preview gives us just a tease, though we do see Strong Guy working on a new catchphrase for the team That's definitely gonna need more workshopping though But we're sure he'll get it eventually Check out[...]
Fisrt Appearance Of The X-Men's Rogue To Set Records At Auction
We are still expecting an impending announcement of X-Men and the rest of Marvel's merry-marching mutants coming to the MCU (any day now, probably, just after Fantastic Four properly) We have just seen Rogue joining the new X-Men #1 team in the comics While also in the comics, the nature of Madelyne Pryor's existence has[...]
Arcade1Up Releases Details For Four-Player X-Men Cabinet
Arcade1Up has released new details about the release of the four-player cabinet for the classic X-Men arcade title from Konami For a short period of time in the early '90s, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing one of these as the machine populated every arcade, amusement park, and practically Pizza Hut in North America[...]