Major Deaths In Tomorrow's Uncanny Avengers

If you're a big Uncanny Avengers fan, hell if you are following the Marvel Universe continuity at all, you may want to avoid all known media until you get to the store tomorrow and pick up your copy of Uncanny Avengers #14.

Because it looks at is folk are going to die. More than one. And Tumblr will burn to the ground in rage…

Chris of Rupps Comics gets in touch to say;

Out tomorrow, UNCANNY AVENGERS #14 features the death of two main characters from the Marvel Universe.

Uncanny Avengers #15
After the numerous deaths last issue the Avengers Unity Squad is left shattered and broken.

All of us here are looking forward to the next issue of Remender's run on Uncanny Avengers and his next big event.

He also provided visuals which are just too spoilery to run! Sorry!

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