Mark Millar Wants To Write A Star Wars/Marvel Crossover – And June 29th Will Be "Millar Day"

Image Comics will be announcing June 29th as Millar Day, to celebrate the comic book work of Mark Millar, and are giving retailers discount off a number of his collected works.

7b6b4752809823fd689e789ff743bcbddb4dd520eda56faddbe3dcadad7ab851ab4b6352a3c93f67Yesterday on his forum, Mark Millar also teased a number of upcoming comics and what we are to expect coming up..

A reveal on the Greg Capullo project? We've got a deal to announce this exclusively in two weeks time so I can't give anything away here except NOBODY knows the title and NOBODY knows what it's about OR what the character looks like. Except you guys right now. Here's a little sneaky teaser peek where we get the tiniest glimpse…

Starbrand? He has previously mentioned the title was six letters long – which would fit "Nobody" but that would also fit his trademarked title  for some new project, "Reborn".

The genre I've enjoyed most recently has been sci fi. Empress, Chrononauts, Starlight, even Jupiter's Legacy and MPH are all sci-fi and worked out really well. The Capullo project is a brand new genre for me. It's exciting because I've never tried anything like this before.

On John Romita Jr,

Johnny and I have a new book launching at the end of the year. Full details plus cover will be released in around 4 weeks time.It's his next gig after Batman with the great Scott Snyder!

On his work process,

The way I write is to draw the character over and over, sometimes for a few days, and the story emerges from there. Usually a moment, then another moment and I start building from there, working on a white board to get the structure all worked out. Then I start scripting. That initial process can take at least a couple of weeks for six issue story and then another 2-3 months to write the scripts.

And for toys….

We're just working out the deal right now for the Huck plushie and statue. All going well you should be able to buy one in August. Seriously! I can't wait! Something about Huck just seemed to work. Speaking of which, we're hearing the pitch from a new director in 3 hours time. I think this guy might be the one!!

And also a big idea he has brewing…

I had an idea for a Star Wars/ Marvel crossover event actually. Totally self-contained and the story literally came to me when I woke up one morning. I'm super-snowed with my own stuff but this seemed too great not to do, but sadly it would be really tricky to organise between two huge companies. The plot is in my back-pocket though.

Luke Skywalker, this is your face while Mark Millar is… you-know-what.


Oh and look! Some pages from

Empress #3, #4 and #5…

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And Jupiter's Legacy,

ddf5c9af125809cd7f6ae5e2df81d9efcb7c3df3c0519f7c252f951e8746645d022f48300a82fc27 e39377c6c441e9ba2e9f60dbf0d26844bece1b07 No mention of Chrononauts 2: Futureshock which was suppose to debut in July, or the book with Jae Lee announced last October, or the Hit Girl series, it still seems like he is looking for the right creative team…


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