Next Week, Black Mask Will Revive Classic Property 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Again


Next week will finally see a new issue of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, the classic Black Mask comic book from by fancy superstar writer Matthew Rosenberg, artist Tyler Boss, and letterer Thomas Mauer. Originally launched back in April 2016, when Barrack Obama was president and Ethan Van Sciver still had a Twitter account, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank has been described by Guardians of the Galaxy and Jumanji star Kieron Gillen as "Imagine Tarantino does Goonies. And excellent." The comic saw a big delay between its second and third issues, but got back on track with its thrice-a-year schedule in December when issue #3 came out. Next week, issue #4, the penultimate in the series, will hit stores, with the final issue ambitiously scheduled for release in June.

But it's a great comic, so hopefully people are still on board. And if you need your memory jogged, we can help you with that…

And if that didn't work, here's some preview pages instead:






4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #4 is in stores on May 17.

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