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'What's The Furthest Place From Here' Definitely Being Optioned
Matthew Rosenberg recently took a YouTube interview to help promote the launch of the upcoming What's The Furthest Place From Here comic book with Tyler Boss, published by Image Comics As well as talking about the ideas behind the book and the process of it creation, Rosenberg also reiterated that 4 Kids Walk Into A[...]
PrintWatch: Godkiller, Sweet Paprika
The reunited 4 Kids Walk into a Bank creative team of Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss have exceeded all sales projections orders topping 95.000 for the upcoming What's the Furthest Place From Here? That's the biggest selling comic from either creator to date, and another example of Image Comics finding new sales levels on books[...]
What People Have To Say About What's The Furthest Place From Here?
What's The Furthest Place From Here? is the comic by 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank's Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, going to Final Oeder Cut-Off from Image Comics today And they've brought a few friends along to try and make the case for the comic book, previewed below… "The book is the good sh-t." –[...]
New Brian Bendis Comics From Dark Horse With Alex Maleev & Jacob Edgar
We are promised new chapters of Pearl with Michael Gaydos, Cover with David Mack, Powers with Michael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma, (a previous announcement had said Murder Inc with Oeming and Soma instead) and also new unannounced projects by Bendis' collaborator on Checkmate, Alex Maleev, and with Jacob Edgar as well Tyler Boss Local Comic Shop Day[...]
Tyler Boss Debuts New Series Dead Dog's Bite at Dark Horse in April
Tyler Boss is launching a new series at Dark Horse in April called Dead Dog's Bite Though we were hoping for a zombie comic about anthropomorphic dogs, it seems this will be a mystery four-issue mini-series instead, which is still nice Check out the press release below and look for Dead Dog's Bite in April. MILWAUKIE,[...]
Lazarus #28 cover by Michael Lark
Nothing is dwelled on for too long before the next development/scene/plot beat/etc. Lazarus #28 art by Michael Lark, Tyler Boss, and Santi Arcas Michael Lark and Tyler Boss do excellent work on the art, giving the dramatic scenes the gravitas they deserve, the characters distinct appearances and expression, and the world a lot of life and detail[...]
Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss Ask: What's the Furthest Place from Here?
At Image Expo today, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss, the creative team behind the long-running mini-series 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, took the stage to announce What's The Furthest Place From Here? But before that, Rosenberg took to Twitter to spoil the entire announcement! What's the furthest place from here? — Matthew Rosenberg (@AshcanPress) February 21,[...]
tyler boss
On Twitter today, artist Tyler Boss teased an upcoming project with Matthew Rosenberg, his partner from the critically acclaimed 2017 (or was it 2016) mini-series 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Boss blanked out the titles, but it looks like a pretty long one 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Again, perhaps? Away, we go pic.twitter.com/FYiS5Rsk48 — Tyler[...]
Next Week, Black Mask Will Revive Classic Property 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Again
Next week will finally see a new issue of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, the classic Black Mask comic book from by fancy superstar writer Matthew Rosenberg, artist Tyler Boss, and letterer Thomas Mauer Originally launched back in April 2016, when Barrack Obama was president and Ethan Van Sciver still had a Twitter account,[...]