Nick Spencer And Emma Rios To Launch New Cloak And Dagger Series

So here's another story ripped from the floor of Kapow. Nick Spencer and Emma Rios, new Marvel superstars, are taking over a couple of my own favourite Marvel characters, Cloak And Dagger.

The series will spin out of the current Spider Island running through the Amazing Spider-Man books and will take place in their classic New York stomping ground. Thematically it's a book about a relationship and the forces that both bring the two together – and then pull them apart.


Cloak and Dagger were two of my favourite characters as a kid and, indeed, I was banned from reading their adventures in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, not so much because of Dagger's cut out costume, but that their origins and adventures were steeped in the drug trade. Somehow I managed not to grow up to be a drug dealer…

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