Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Speaks Out Against QAnon Appropriation Of Punisher Logo

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran an article about QAnon conspiracy recruiters being the latest to utilise the Marvel logo for The Punisher. after a QAnon-tracking podcaster picked one up at a rally in Tampa, Florida. We also detailed other ways that people have used the Punisher logo in recent years as well as linking to Nate Powell's excellent comic book essay about the whole thing, which also quoted The Punisher's co-creator Gerry Conway as saying,

Totally by coincidence, CBR ran a story about the same leaflet and podcaster, which led Gerry Conway to comment on the recent affair, saying,

Some have asked my Disney don't go after the use of their trademarks in this fashion, and while it's complicated, there can sometimes be a matter of the people in question not making money from their use of the logo. Unless, of course, you look at T-shirt sales like this on Teepublic…



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