Batman Is Coming To Take Green Lantern's Guns Away

From Green Lanterns #16 as Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz came to Gotham at Batman's request. But Commissioner Gordon has to be a tattle tale…


Because, yes, Simon Baz carries a gun as a Green Lantern. And fellow Justice League Batman has only just noticed somehow. And has the talk.

The problem with arguing with Batman is that Batman is always right. Which can get really annoying, fast. Simon Baz should have realised this sooner, but oh no. That gun is going to get someone hurt.

And Commissioner Gordon, who regularly summon a vigilante with super-powerful weapons and no accountability to do the police's dirty work for them, is suddenly a stickler for protocol.

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Also, why don't Green Lantern's have to register their power ring id they have to register a gun? After all, they can make guns with their rings – do those have to be registered too?

And how come Batman's batarangs, grapple guns, and everything else he carries on him don't need paperwork?


Darkness…. no parents… time for Alfred to be possessed by some unseen entity.



Oh look, that holster unpopped.


That's the thing with leaving guns around the place. You never know when it's going to be picked up by an unsupervised butler when your back is turned.


I'm not sure how many gun deaths can be attributed to rogue butlers last year, but it's probably the same as by refugees.

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