Booze Geek – The Dogfather And The Godfather

By Dylan Gonzalez

Beer: The Dogfather

Brewery: Laughing Dog Brewing

4524When I was perusing the liquor store for a brew to check out this week, I was having trouble finding one.  Luckily, I stumbled upon The Dogfather, an Imperial Stout, hanging out in the cold beer box.  I initially thought this was going to be a let down.  The reference seemed too obvious, but I figured I would give it a try.  Low and behold, I was surprised.

The Dogfather poured out a thick and long lasting head that was mocha in color.  The body was a solid black.  The next thing I noticed about the beer was its scent.  I could smell it a good six inches away.  When I got in closer to inspect the scents, I found it giving off strong scents of alcohol and cocoa.

When I started drinking it, I noticed the alcohol presence right off the bat, since it is aged in "old" bourbon barrels.  Then, these wonderful chocolate and cream qualities began to emerge, creating an absolutely delicious flavor mix.  I was so surprised by this that I quickly downed half a glass of it.  Some hops and dark fruit flavors also became noticeable as it sat.

The Dogfather had an interesting effect in my palate.  The alcohol quality and carbonation were certainly present.  However, the creaminess of it was lingering on my tongue and just had me coming back for more.

Overall, I was hugely surprised by how good The Dogfather was.   In all honesty, my expectations were very low, but I would highly recommend this beer to anybody who wants to try out a new stout.

What to Drink This To:

I mean, the answer is plainly obvious: Air Bud!  Kidding, of course.  Aside from a glass of wine, The Dogfather should be enjoyed in the presence of the classic film, The Godfather.  Much like Don Corleone himself, the beer is rich and powerful, and because it is so pleasant to drink, unexpectedly dangerous.


Dylan Gonzalez happens to love beer and comic books and luckily found a place to write about both because he has no idea how to actually make money in the real world.  He lives in a cave in New Jersey.

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