Here's Why We Are Still Complaining About Dan DiDio – Abhay Khosla Answers Michael Davis

logoComic book commenter Abhay Khosla has taken to Brian Hibbs' site Savage Critic to reply to Michael Davis over his Bleeding Cool article we titled "Why Are We Still Complaining about Dan DiDio?"

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It was a piece that argued against complaining about the present or the past rather than focusing on creating a new future. But Abhay had a lot of past to excavate.

He did so by taking reports regarding DC Comics and Dan DiDio over the past few years, looping in everything from Eddie Berganza to editors writing comics to the Death Of Batman . It's arguably an exercise in cherry-picking – for example, it talks about the creative and editorial talent that the company has lost, but not the ones it has gained – but it does make for a successfully argued narrative against the current state of DC Comics, and the executives employed therein. And there's plenty of Bleeding Cool coverage to back it up as well. Abhay worries that this is a case that has not been so comprehensively made to date.

I worry because there are comic creators who may want to make a case but can't make this case because they want to keep working. I worry because there are comic editors who may want to make a case but can't make this case because they want to keep working. I worry because there are retailers who just want to sell comics because they love them and don't have the time to make this case, or don't want to upset their business partners.

And I worry because there are young people who deserve to have a DC Comics that is providing them with entertainment– real entertainment, even if they're not 45 years old— so that they too can someday in the future go up to a DC comic creator at a convention, and tell them, from the heart:  "Sir, your earlier work meant so much to me. But now your work stinks. I like your earlier work more. P.S. f-ck your feelings". But, like, without having to worry that one of Mr. DiDio's editors will sexually assault them.

Of course, people have been calling for the head of Dan DiDio for many a year now. Indeed, back in 2008, Nikki Finke was reporting that he was about to be fired.



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