Inside The Exhibitors Room At Dragon*Con

Bill Meeks is embedded at Dragon*Con for Bleeding Cool;

Inside The Exhibitors Room At Dragon*Con

I got the opportunity to look around at the exhibitor's room in the Marriot as they were setting up today. Lots of cardboard boxes, the smell of plastic, and dozens of hard working dealers trying to get their product to sell.

One such dealer, Doug D. representing the cartoon and web comic Atomsplit expressed the mood as "…hurry up and wait, but cautiously optimistic. Neighbors checking out neighbors, see if there's anyone from last year.

Inside The Exhibitors Room At Dragon*Con

Doug D. said that they don't have to wait in registration lines. The hotel doesn't provide any handcarts, but most booths are set up in 4-6 hours so everybody can get a good night's sleep before opening at 1PM on Saturday. That is unless your at one of the mammoth booths that occupy the corner spots.

Look for more perspective from the dealers once they finish setting up.

Inside The Exhibitors Room At Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con Personal Profile

Anything Craigslist can do, Bleeding Cool can do better. Looking for a hot, single Dragon*Con attendee to pass the time with? Patrick D. MA be your man. Wheater in horn-rimmed glasses or a horse-faced mask, he's just one of thousands looking for love at Dragon*Con. Want together the hook-up? Here's everything you need to know to make a good impression:

Inside The Exhibitors Room At Dragon*ConName: Patrick D.

Hometown: Newton, MA

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

Least Favorite Movie: It's Pat

Biggest Turn-On: Female Night Elf Cosplayers

Biggest Turn-Off: Males As Female Cosplayers

Height: 6'6"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Bluish

Favorite Band: Hybrid

Shoe Size: 15

Stay tuned for more profiles of all manner of Dragon*Con'ers here on Bleeding Cool. Seriously, this is a feature now.

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