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Star Trek Cast Members on Franchise Embracing "Infinite Diversity"
It was a question one fan asked Discovery stars Blu del Barrio, Wilson Cruz, Anthony Rapp, and Picard's Michelle Hurd at Dragon Con in Atlanta about what they had to say to those who feel the franchise is being too progressive. "Scavengers" — Ep#306 — Pictured: Anthony Rapp as Lt Paul Stamets and Wilson Cruz as[...]
Dragon Con 2022 Bunny Hutch Party
For the uninitiated, every night at Dragon Con, there's a different themed party Thursday night's big event was the Bunny Hutch party, a sexy celebration of Playboy-style bunny costumes (and sometimes an accompanying Hef) with a geeky flair And best of all, it's also the "Official Kick-Off Party for the Costuming Track" (and just from[...]
Dragon Con Cosplay Gallery Day 2 - Friday
Friday at Dragon Con saw events like the goth rave (featuring guest DJ Goth Dad of the band Vision Video) and the Friday night costume contest In addition to all the events, there were several costume groups walking the con floor mingling and out in their cosplay best Some of the highlights include classic horror costumes[...]
Dragon Con Cosplay Gallery Day 0 - Thursday, Sept 1
Dragon Con is not your typical convention – happening annually over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, its hallmark is the top-tier cosplay and themed events created by fans It's a giant nerd party / Halloween party / extrovert geek heaven spread out over five main host hotels as well as the America's Mart, all in[...]
Dragon Con 2021: Is it Too Soon for Cons to Stage a Comeback?
With less than a month until Atlanta's annual "geek week," Dragon Con (the largest and best-known fan convention known for its party atmosphere each Labor Day weekend) released their official COVID-19 guidelines The convention had refused to release any mask mandates, attendance caps, or precautions they were taking until August 1, which is frustrating for[...]
Maybe you've noticed the amount of sheer amazing cosplay during Dragon Con from the annual Labor Day convention in Atlanta, Georgia One of the best ways to experience it – other than, you know, being there in person – is the annual Beat Down Boogie cosplay music video. The group just released the video for 2018,[...]
Dragon Con: A Regal of Wakanda Forever Cosplay
We've been sharing some pretty fabulous galleries of images from this year's Dragon Con- the Atlanta, Georgia convention that takes place over Labor Day weekend Next up on the docket is perhaps one of the most stirring; WAKANDA FOREVER. Just *try* not to be emotionally moved when standing in a group of citizens of Wakanda when[...]
Dragon Con: Where Star Wars and Star Trek Come Together
One of the best parts of Dragon Con is seeing the multiple fandoms coming together in costume. An example of this from 2018's annual Atlanta, Georgia multi-day geek Mardi Gras is a mash up of Star Wars and Star Trek that makes perfect sense. Cosplayers Galacticat and her beau CGC Creative came up with this great pairing of a Hutt Slayer[...]
Dragon Con: A Violent Delight of Westworld Cosplay
There were many guesses as to what "the costume" of Dragon Con was going to be this year, and almost no one picked Westworld. But obviously, enough fans DID pick Westworld, as this fabulous 'violent delight' of cosplay courtesy of Annette Wamser (of Wamser Photography) will show. Our particular favorite is the Delos cleaning crew with the blood splatter,[...]
Black Geeks of Dragon Con: Fandom Comes in All Shades
Fandom comes is all colors, shades, nationalities, sexes, and peoples, especially at Dragon Con, which takes place over Labor Day weekend annually in Atlanta, Georgia.  The gathering of the Black Geeks of Dragon Con is one of [literally] hundreds of planned and organized cosplay photoshoots that happen during the convention, and this year it was particularly[...]
Dragon Con: This Judgement of Dredd *IS* The Law
Nothing like turning a corner during Dragon Con and coming face-to-face with an impressive armored collection of "The Law"- a Judgement of Dredd We're still workshopping that collective noun too, but, anytime you see a group of Judge Dredd cosplayers all together, it can be intimidating. Scowls and leather are the name of the game here[...]
Dragon Con: A Habit of Handmaids, Under His Eye
Even though Hulu's award-winning series The Handmaid's Tale isn't your typical convention fare, the red cloak and white bonnets were everywhere at Dragon Con this year. We're thinking the collective noun of handmaids is a habit, but we're still work shopping that. This collection of photos comes to us from Kristen Schlicht, who very kindly is letting us[...]
Cocktails Over Coruscant II: Star Wars Libations at Dragon Con
When Star Wars costumers get together at Dragon Con, it's always an experience Add in Imperial Officers and cocktails at one of the skybars in the Hilton host hotel, you've got all the makings of a cosplayer's dream. The Cocktails Over Coruscant [year two, actually] evening libation event is put on by the Imperial Officer Cosplay group; while[...]
A Raid of Vikings Invade During Dragon Con 2018
History's Vikings continues to be a favorite for group cosplay at Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta Georgia, and 2018 was no different. Since the very first season of the series, there have been large groups who gather in their chainmaille and leather to form shield walls all over the host hotels at the convention[...]
Dragon Con: 'Orville' Cosplay Crew Invades Star Trek 10 Forward Party
It makes sense really, kind of the same way that Galaxy Quest is often the answer to the question "What's your favorite Star Trek movie?" In this case, a group of Orville crew cosplayers invading the Star Trek-themed party during 2018's Dragon Con makes PERFECT sense. The 10 Forward party, based on Guinan's place on the Enterprise in Star[...]
Dragon Con: General Leia Cosplay That'll Make You Cry
We're still going through our mountains of images from this year's Dragon Con (2018), the annual convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. As always, some of the most popular cosplays again where within the realm of the Cosmic Conflict programs, Star Wars.  There were snaplines of Reys, slaplines of Holdos and Leias and Poes, and the[...]
Brian Henson Talks Netflix's 'Dark Crystal' at Dragon Con
Which, of course, is what we wanted to ask Brian Henson about during his interview session at Dragon Con 2018. Brian Henson during the Dragon Con 2018 interview session, photo by Bill Watters "It's been shooting since last November — it's so cool that Netflix could get behind it in such a big way so that we[...]
Brian Henson Offers Updates on His 'Farscape' Movie
Brian Henson hates to sound like a broken record, but he does want to assure fans that he hasn't forgotten about Farscape. Brian Henson during the 2018 Creature Shop Challenge Live at Dragon Con, photo by Mary Anne Butler Two years ago, also at Dragon Con no less, Henson confirmed the longstanding rumor that he was indeed working[...]
Dragon Con: 32 Photos from Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Live
One of the scheduled highlights that we knew we absolutely had to attend at Dragon Con this year was the LIVE Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. When the live challenge was announced by Brian Henson and Dragon Con last month, we were ecstatic, having been huge fans of the single season run that aired on SYFY[...]
Evangeline Lilly Eloquently Explains the 'LOST' Finale at Dragon Con
Actress and author Evangeline Lilly very eloquently explained the divisive finale of LOST during her panel at Dragon Con 2018, much to the delight of fans in attendance. Make sure you read about the Pym, van Dyne family reunion moment that happened during the panel too, it was just too damn adorable. Evangeline Lilly arrives for her 2018[...]
Pym, van Dyne Family Reunion with Evangeline Lilly at Dragon Con
If you have never attended Dragon Con in Atlanta Georgia over Labor Day Weekend, you're missing out on an incredible contention experience. Like the moment we just witnessed during Evangeline Lilly's Squickerwonkers panel Namely, the Q & A portion of the panel (which was moderated by the effervescent Tony Gowell and also included Squickerwonkers illustrator Rodrigo Bastos Didier). We noticed[...]
Here's How to Watch the Dragon Con Parade This Morning
Those who attend Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA know that DCTV (Dragon Con TV) is a special kind of magic that no other convention has managed to capture with the same magic. One of the best things about DCTV (aside from the fact that you, from the comfort of your own home[...]
'American Gods' Cast Talks Season 2, New Gods, and Critical Cats [Dragon Con 2018]
Ibis) took to the stage at Dragon Con 2018 on Friday to talk anything and everything having to do with Starz's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's popular novel — with some serious second-season spoiler security in play. Bleeding Cool's very own Mary Anne Butler was covering the panel, and here are some of her takeaways: ● When asked if there[...]
Dragon Con to Host Live Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge
It's almost time for fans from all over the world to converge on Downtown Atlanta over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the 31st Dragon Con One of the special things about the event annually is the cosplay and incredible builds the talented creators bring to the Peach Tree center hotels, and the convention is giving[...]
DC Giant Group Photoshoot at Dragon Con 2017
Cosplay gatherings have long been a mainstay at fandom conventions, but Atlanta's Dragon Con is home to the most numerous collection of cosplay gatherings in the world as well as some of the largest Cosplay gatherings are when groups of themed cosplayers come together to pose for a photo shoot Once you've taken a photo[...]
Alex Kingston Talks River Song's Plans For Jodie Whittaker's Doctor
Labor Day weekend has come and gone, with it Dragon Con and a panel with Alex Kingston Whovians know her as River Song, wife of The Doctor, 90's tv fans know her as Dr Elizabeth Corday from ER, we know her as awesome. The panel went about how most of them do; chatting about the event (this[...]
The Arrow Panel From Dragon Con
Dragon Con has a good turn out for actors from the hit series Arrow this weekend Series stars Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) were joined by last years big bad, Matt Nable (Ra's al Ghul) for a panel that talked both about the previous season and what[...]