Preview So What? Press' New Fall Lineup – Tales Of The Night Watchman #3, Crawlspace, And City Chickens


Newcomer indie publishers So What? Press run by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal have announced the arrival of their new Fall lineup of books, two of which are available now, and one for December pre-order. You can order their fine books here.

So What? Press have kindly supplied us with previews of these new books for your viewing pleasure as well.

Tales of the Night Watchman Issue Three by Dave Kelly, Lara Antal, & Amanda Scurti (for December pre-order)

Two covers! Two artists! Two big stories! Horror and coffee collide once again in the next thrilling installment of the Tales of the Night Watchman saga – – and it's a flip comic!

First up is the "The Long Fall" Part Three by Dave Kelly & Lara Antal – – Nora looks for a new job, Serena wants a raise, Charlie looks for answers! Meanwhile, Trish has dinner with..well, if we told you, that would ruin all the fun…

Next is "The Dwellers of Big Bogie" Part One by Dave Kelly & Amanda Scurti – – Nora just can't catch a break on her day off! If it isn't the espresso machine breaking down at the café, it's a hideously fanged, multi-eyed creature abducting children from public playgrounds. Just another day in NYC…

TotNWM_Issue3_coverspread TotNWM_Issue3_DBB_p07_atsize TotNWM_Issue3_DBB_p18_atsize_lores TotNWM_Issue3_TLFp4 TotNWM_Issue3_TLFp19

Crawlspace by Timothy Sinaguglia (available now)

Crawlspace by Timothy Sinaguglia is a menagerie of tales that takes the reader through the world of the author's own youth and that of Trudy, an enigmatic representation of a complex and longing adulthood.

Crawlspace_cover Crawlspace_p05 Crawlspace_p12 Crawlspace_p16 Crawlspace_p22City Chickens by Jess Ruliffson (available now)

In City Chickens, award-winning cartoonist Jess Ruliffson documents the presence of a community garden in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and the life it provides to not only locals but also a collective of urban-dwelling Gallus gallus domesticus, a.k.a. the common chicken.

CityChickens_cover CityChickens_p04_size CityChickens_p05_size CityChickens_p06_size CityChickens_p07_size

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