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Tales Of The Night Watchman Told At Forbidden Planet
Baristas by day and crime-solving sleuths by night, and the only ones there to help the world from an influx of paranormal activity. And now, the fifth issue in the series is coming out! Containing two stories, Tales of the Night Watchman#5 has the penultimate chapter in the ongoing mystery, and a second story sees the characters[...]
Tales Of The Night Watchman Creators Swarm On MoCCA Fest
MoCCA Fest is going to be a very dangerous place this weekend because all of the devious and aberrant minds behind Tales of the Night Watchman are going to be there, and that's a highly unusual thing. In all seriousness, something great about So What? Press' series Tales of the Night Watchman is how collaborative it[...]
Why The Grand Comics Fest In Brooklyn Ensures The Survival Of Comics
Tunis. This led me to Marguerite Dabaie, also a strong proponent of multiculturalism in comics, whose book on the Silk Road, Voyage to Panjikant, was on display as well as her ornate handiwork in the form of jewelry, cushions, and small paintings in lavish colors and materials. Dabaie had on offer a mini comic that accompanied her[...]
Things To Do in New York This Week If You Like Comics
You can meet him, but here's a preview: Thursday, April 17th Desert Island at 540 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn and So What? Press are hosting the Staycation Book Tour Release Party from 7-10PM with Dave Kelly, Lara Antal, Molly Ostertag, and Jess Ruliffson They say: Come celebrate the release of So What? Press' spring line of books at[...]
Get Your MoCCA Fest Preview Of Tales Of The Night Watchman: Staycation
Written by Dave Kelly and illustrated by Lara Antal, previous Tales of the Night Watchman books have appeared at various indie shows including Small Press Expo, and expanded into Tales of the Night Watchman Presents collaborating with other artists like Molly Ostertag to bring the strange world of the Night Watchman to life. The comics feature[...]
Getting A Feel For Comic Arts Brooklyn – Through Books And Pictures
Ford, a Brooklyn local whose prints alone were making me drool. But Sean also had his minis of his work Shadow Hills available, a mystery story with great line-work and an interestingly tense atmosphere. Bernard Stiegler, a Baltimore area native, was up in Brooklyn with his Xeric Award grant-winning book The Reptile Mind. Molly Ostertag, Dave Kelly, and[...]
One Of The Most Intelligent Panels On Gender In Comics Featuring Lara Antal, Marguerite Dabaie, Robin Ha, Hazel Newlevent, Molly Ostertag – With Complete Audio
Dave Kelly of So What? Press was also instrumental in designing the panel and rounding up participants. It was, quite simply put, one of the most intelligent panels I've ever heard on any comics topic, specifically because of the sheer depth of knowledge and articulate discussion provided by the panelists on the subject I've been working[...]
Seven SPX Debuts That Are Like Crack: Tales of the Night Watchman, Behold the Killbot, Rushes, Journey into the Valley of Whispers, The Black Feather Falls, Cartozia Tales #2, Vs.
The former is by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal and the latter by Kelly and Molly Ostertag.  The premise of the series is that blogger Nora and roommate Charlie follow the exploits of Charlie's possessing spirit, a "spectral detective" known as the Night Watchman He lures them into paranormal adventures, often with a dash of[...]