The Walking Dead Conquers Amazon

We've mentioned how one publisher has dominated the top ten chart in direct market comics of late, with DC taking all ten and pushing Marvel's books way down the list.

Something similar has happened on the bookstore front. The Walking Dead has been increasing in popularity, but stopping by the chart, I noticed that had reached epidemic proportions.

Right now, all ten books in the Top Ten are Walking Dead titles. In fact the first eleven are, until you get to the 65% discounted Spider-Man: Ends Of The Earth. Of the top thirty, Walking Dead has twenty-four spots. Twenty-four of the top thirty selling graphic novels on Amazon are Walking Dead volumes. And volumes that haven't just come out, they've been out for a while. That's an extraordinary acheivement. And The Walking Dead: Compendium One is the eleventh bestselling book… of all.

And to think that it was a book Image almost turned down until Robert Kirkman promised an alien invasion twist that he soon dropped…

And yes, much of that is the influence of the TV series. But you never saw Smallville have the same effect. The Avengers and Spider-Man cartoons aren't moving material, neither is Green Lantern and DC Nation. This kind of dominance is unparalleled.

The Walking Dead has won, folks.

Over on the New York Times Bestseller list, there are four Walking Dead books in the top ten paperpacks (including the top two spots) and three in the hardcover list. If Amazon sales are anything to go by, that is likely to shift in the Walking Dead's favour.


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