Valkyrie And Sin, Just Hanging Out

Valkyrie And Sin, Just Hanging Out

VALKYRIE: So here we here.

SIN: Here we are.

VALKYRIE: Two chicks, just hanging out in the weapons store.

SIN: I do like your hammer.

VALKYRIE: Thanks, I picked it up for next to nothing. And anyway, what about your gun?

SIN: Which one?

VALKYRIE: The one you're holding across your shoulder. I have to say it doesm't look very comfortable.

SIN: Oh this old thing? I keep it for sentimental reason. But I have to ask, that metal bra of yours, doesn't it chafe?

VALKYRIE: Only if I'm sweaty. I have to put a lot of talcum powder down there.

SIN: Actually I did want to ask you about moisturiser?


SIN: My face is a little dry.

VALKYRIE: I usually just bath in the All Eternal River That Flows From The Roots Of Yggdrasil, The Tree Of Life.

SIN: I must try that.

VALKYRIE: It's a modern day marvel.

SIN: Say, this angel, is she with you?

VALKYRIE: No, I thought she was with you, what with the skull and all.

SIN: Not me. In fact I find it a little insensitive.

VALKYRIE: Well don't look where she's putting that other hand.

SIN: Oh my… in public as well.

VALKYRIE: Yeah, she's skeeving me out. Listen, I'm off. Meet you at Greco's for coffee at five?

SIN: Make it six, I've got this new Marvel event-styled thing called Fear Itself: The Fearless to appear in.

VALKYRIE: Oh I've forgotten about that, me too, see you at six.

SIN: Best leave the hammer outside, you know what Greco is like about oversized Asgardian weaponry. I'm on a five gun limit as it is. (WHISPERS) Is she still doing it?

VALKYRIE:  (WHISPERS) Yeah. She's all yours. Bye!

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