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The Marvel $5 Digital Coupon FAQ

Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool told you how Marvel was to launch a $5 comic store voucher for anyone who bought a Marvel digital comic, for 99 cents or more. While many are worried about how digital comics will affect comic shops, this at least is an attempt to get new digital readers to see […]

Valkyrie And Sin, Just Hanging Out

VALKYRIE: So here we here. SIN: Here we are. VALKYRIE: Two chicks, just hanging out in the weapons store. SIN: I do like your hammer. VALKYRIE: Thanks, I picked it up for next to nothing. And anyway, what about your gun? SIN: Which one? VALKYRIE: The one you're holding across your shoulder. I have to […]

Now Marvel Teases The Return Of The Human Torch

There's an October solicitation for a Fantastic Four poster by Joe Quesada that is blacked out in the Marvel Previews. Which is really handy for shops thinking about ordering it. Well, I think this is it. The cover to Fantastic Four #600, presumably. And it was blanked out for a reason.

A Look At Fear Itself #6… Courtesy Of Fear Itself #5

The new issue of Fear Itself gives us a look at things to come. Thor being given a lift home after a heavy night's mead drinking, a bridge and Iron Man mixing up a potion with Merlin. But will it be alcoholic? And then we have a look at some other tie ins… Comics courtesy […]

And Finally… John Carter, Princess Of Mars

This is the giveaway poster for the new John Carter series from Marvel. Um. You know, I'm sure the Princess is the person John Carter is rescuing, or getting involved with in some fashion. But with the skirt, that headline looks more like it's describing John Carter… John Carter, Executive Transvestive Of Mars?

President Obama Appears On The Cover Of Amazing Spider-Man 666. And He's Not Alone

At the San Diego Comic Con, David Gabriel from Marvel said that they had had to remove a Sarah Palin appearance from one of the one hundred and fifty Amazing Spider-Man #666 Retailer variants (see them all here). But looking at the variant commissioned by Larry's Comics, someone else seems to have slipped through… Let's […]

Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen

When I attended New York Comic Con before people would choose to pay my way, I used to stay with a friend in Manhattan a fair few blocks up from the show. And so I'd walk through Hell's Kitchen several times a day. I knew it was Hell's Kitchen because it has plaqeus up telling […]

Squirrel Girl Gets A HeroClix Figure

Apparently there have been petitions. Well, it appears they have been successful. HeroClix is to make a Squirrel Girl figure for people to, well, click with.

The Death Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us

Some readers have been curious as to just how the current Ultimate arc, The Death Of Spider-Man will, in anyway, involve, well, the death of Spider-Man as both titles Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs New Ultimates, don't seem to have that much of a connection. I understand that both books, Ultimate Comics […]

David LaFuente To Draw New Mutants

Marvel artist David LaFuente will be taking over art duties on an upcoming New Mutants arc, a Fear Itself tie in. The book will focus on Dani Moonstar in her Valkyrie role, and Asgardian goddess Hela. X-Men editor Nick Lowe, at Kapow, said that David LaFuente apparently does the best Warlock ever…

Kapow In Pictures – Cool As A Cucumber

Jock, with Frank Quitely's cucumber there. So, London is having a bit of a San Diegan heat wave. What better time to hold a mini-San Diego Comic Con than London that Kerpow? Except it isn't and it wasn't. Oh there was that moment in the hotel bar where the movie stars walked past the window […]

China Miéville's Rejected Iron Man Spinoff Comic

Horror and ci-fi writer China Miéville's already had one Swamp Thing series commissioned then spiked after the first five issues were written. But he's been at a lot of comic conventions lately. would he have any luck on the other side of Broadway? Seems not. He reprints his rejected pitch to another company on his […]

Who On Earth Is Rob Granito? (UPDATE)

A familiar face at recent comics conventions, Rob Granito recently appeared at Wizard World Toronto. Here is his appearance bio, listing credits including Batman, Teen Titans and working on an upcoming Batman arc. And these are reflected on his website. And he has appeared at a number of shows over the years, such as Jacen […]