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The Marvel $5 Digital Coupon FAQ
Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool told you how Marvel was to launch a $5 comic store voucher for anyone who bought a Marvel digital comic, for 99 cents or
Valkyrie And Sin, Just Hanging Out
VALKYRIE: So here we here. SIN: Here we are. VALKYRIE: Two chicks, just hanging out in the weapons store. SIN: I do like your hammer. VALKYRIE: Thanks, I
Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen
When I attended New York Comic Con before people would choose to pay my way, I used to stay with a friend in Manhattan a fair few blocks up from the show.
Squirrel Girl Gets A HeroClix Figure
Apparently there have been petitions. Well, it appears they have been successful. HeroClix is to make a Squirrel Girl figure for people to, well, click
The Death Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us
Some readers have been curious as to just how the current Ultimate arc, The Death Of Spider-Man will, in anyway, involve, well, the death of Spider-Man as