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The Marvel $5 Digital Coupon FAQ
Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool told you how Marvel was to launch a $5 comic store voucher for anyone who bought a Marvel digital comic, for 99 cents or
Valkyrie And Sin, Just Hanging Out
VALKYRIE: So here we here. SIN: Here we are. VALKYRIE: Two chicks, just hanging out in the weapons store. SIN: I do like your hammer. VALKYRIE: Thanks, I
Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen
When I attended New York Comic Con before people would choose to pay my way, I used to stay with a friend in Manhattan a fair few blocks up from the show.
Squirrel Girl Gets A HeroClix Figure
Apparently there have been petitions. Well, it appears they have been successful. HeroClix is to make a Squirrel Girl figure for people to, well, click
The Death Of Spider-Man Is Upon Us
Some readers have been curious as to just how the current Ultimate arc, The Death Of Spider-Man will, in anyway, involve, well, the death of Spider-Man as
David LaFuente To Draw New Mutants
Marvel artist David LaFuente will be taking over art duties on an upcoming New Mutants arc, a Fear Itself tie in. The book will focus on Dani Moonstar in
Who On Earth Is Rob Granito? (UPDATE)
A familiar face at recent comics conventions, Rob Granito recently appeared at Wizard World Toronto. Here is his appearance bio, listing credits including
What Else Did Mephisto Erase?
We all know that Mephisto erased Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson, as well as the world's knowledge that he was Spider-Man. But he also seems