Watchmen, The Justice Society, Flash And Batman – It's All Happening!

A year ago, Bleeding Cool ran the rumour that as part of DC Rebirth, that DC Comics would be bringing back the Justice Society of America, a team that had been wiped from continuity as part of the New 52 reboot.

But now, not only will this active team of superheroes be revealed, along with an explanation as to why no one remembers them, but they will be brought forward, young, to the present days, fishes out of water, fighting alongside the Justice League of America.

Their presence may also tie into the changing realities that the member of Titans Hunt are experiencing, remembering memories of each other that never were…

And in the DC Rebirth Special we got this scene with Johnny Thunder with a Watchmen feel… and the idea that Dr Manhattan had removed time from the DC Universe and created the New 52. And the Justice Society were lost as a result.

And a promise of more to come on the back cover.


There was a certain tease in Flash with the original Jay Garrick of the Justice Society…


And now DC Comics has released this image ahead of Flash #22…. and the Button.


Jay Garrick is back. Will he be bringing the rest of the Justice Society with him?



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