The X-Files Origins: Dog Days Of Summer #1 Review: Mini Mulder And Scully Are Just Getting Started

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X-Files Origins: Dog Days Of Summer #1

There's nothing I love more in life than The X-Files. IDW's new The X-Files Origins: Dog Days Of Summer #1 focuses on a young Mulder and Scully, long before they join the FBI — but nevertheless, the two are still solving weird mysteries on their own. For Mulder, it's a mysterious young lady who keeps staring off into space. For Scully, she's in knee-deep in a case of a mysterious man, who's actively killing people (and likely works for the damn Cigarette Smoking Man).

The stories — done by Chris Fenoglio, Corin Howell, Jody Houser, and Matthew Dow Smith, are both excellent. Houser and Dow Smith tackle the Mulder story, with art and colors provided by Fenoglio. Mulder's voice is strong and decisive, and sounds like the true believer we know from the show. His wit and sarcasm falls a little flat, but I would wager it's safe to say he's still growing into his own person.

The art is a little more cartoony, but I feel that's appropriate for Fox Mulder. Don't get me wrong — I love Scully to hell and back — but Mulder comes off as a character who would benefit from the cartoon treatment.

X-Files Origins: Dog Days Of Summer

The same writing team takes on Scully's story, as well, but with art provided by Howell. The story is Scully at her finest. A young, fierce lady trying to solve cases logically and earnestly. She is a budding detective, and you can see the seeds being planted in here that would later become full-blown Scully later on. The art is realistic, dark, and brooding, which is fitting for her. The contrast in art styles is what does it for me. They represent the characters personality perfectly and complement the different story types.

I'm excited to see how the X-Files Origins story progresses. I'll eat up anything X-Files (yes, even that dreadful second movie), and The X-Files Origins: Dog Days Of Summer #1 has done a good job of hooking me in.

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