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Ablaze Announces New Horror Titles Out in September
Ablaze Publishing are bringing out five new horror comics and horror titles in September by a wide range of international writers and artists This includes Almost Dead, a new adaptation of The Fall of the House of Usher, Children of the Black Sun, and possibly the highlight of the bunch, the 6-volume boxset of Filipino[...]
Hotell #4: AWA’s First Anthology Horror Series Reaches its Conclusion
A horror anthology centered around one location, a motel off the beaten track of the highway where people in trouble come to stay. Art from "Hotell" #4, AWA Studios Writer John Lees and artist Dalibor Talajic lay out each issue as part of a tradition of horror comics that go back to the EC Comics of the[...]
ComicConnect's Event Auction Heats Up With Fight Against Crime #20!
When The Comics Code Authority came into existence in 1954, popular (and now sought after books), classic horror comics were put to an end Vividly violent and sometimes disturbing images would no longer grace horror or other mainstream comics for the following decades, making pre-code horror one of the most collected books in the comic[...]
The Terror! Witness Craig Yoe's Weird Love For Horror Comics And Their Enduring Legacy
The massive line of artfully preserved and ghoulishly presented Chilling Archives of Horror Comics have reached we lucky readers through a partnership between IDW and Yoe Books, and if there's one man who knows his horror comics, it's this guy. Hear about his work on these mind-bendingly strange and twisted tales here before night sets in[...]
The Evolution Of Juan Ferreyra's Art On Colder: The Bad Seed #1
The first arc of Colder pitted especially unusual mental patient Declan (his body temperature is below liveable conditions) against a nightmarish hunter Nimble Jack, but this arc clarifies that more baddies are to come, starting with the horrendously creepy Swivel. Juan Ferreyra's designs for Swivel, a creature with hundreds of fingers for a face, are below,[...]