Rob Liefeld to Introduce New GI Joe Bad Guys in Snake Eyes: Deadgame (UPDATE)

Superstar artist Rob Liefeld is creating a Snake Eyes comic this year, as Bleeding Cool revealed a few months ago as the greatest news of the decade. It seems that Snake Eyes: Deadgame will launch in June, and Liefeld visited fast-food news website to spill the beans on the series. According to Liefeld, IDW editorial gave him pretty much carte-blanch to do what he wants with the series.

I'm going to tell you, man, this series has some crazy mythological, mystical — some really big concepts. And they let me. Like, 'approve, approve, approve.' So it's been very exciting putting the characters through their paces. I'm approaching Snake Eyes as kind of a giant Mission: Impossible scenario. By the middle of the issue, he realizes he is in way over his head, and that's where any character is always at his best — when he realizes the scale of what he's up against.

There is red blood on pages. I mean, he's a ninja with swords, and they're not asking me to censor anything. IDW and Hasbro have been fantastic.

Liefeld also said he plans to introduce new GI Joe villains, as the whole Joe vs. Cobra thing is played out.

The story is pretty crazy. I think by #2, you will see exactly what I mean in terms of like working with some crazy stuff here. G.I. Joe vs. Cobra? been there, done that. That's not my story. My story has brand new villains and obstacles for Snake Eyes and the Joes to overcome, and Snake Eyes is put in some crazy missions, has to make some crazy decisions. It's really fun.

In addition to Liefeld, who will be coming up with the story and drawing the book, Chad Bowers will script with inks by Adelso Corona and colors by Federico Blee. also took time out of their busy schedule of writing about Burger King to reveal the cover and a page of interior art, which you can see below.

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UPDATE: Full art now added.

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