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Regal Robots Debuts New Indiana Jones Sankara Stones Prop Replicas
Snake Eyes is one of the most iconic and beloved characters from the G.I.Joe universe, along with Duke and the villainous Cobra Commander Threezero has been slowly bringing the world of G.I.Joe to life and in their greater 1/6 FigZero scale format We have seen quite a few of these releases already with Destro, Firefly,[...]
Interior preview page from GI Joe: A Real American Hero #304
Will the former Snake Eyes, aka Dawn Moreno, have what it takes to beat back the onslaught of blue ninjas that have undoubtedly studied at the very prestigious University of Stealth and Annoyance? Let's find out! DAWN MORENO VS THE BLUE NINJAS! The former Snake Eyes is on a recon mission in Springfield when she's confronted by[...]
Joe franchise film Snake Eyes, the epic, action-packed series Warrior for Max, or even the star-studded film Bullet Train In that case, you're already familiar with one of our new favorite actors, Andrew Koji Across his must-see roles, he's known to deliver stoic strength, occasional comedy, and an incomparable hands-on skill set when it comes[...]
Snake Eyes Arrives with Flame Toys Newest G.I. Joe Release
Joe release, as Snake Eyes is back and ready for action Unlike some of their previous Model Kits, this version of Snake Eyes is getting a full figure release He will be part of the Hito Kara Kuri series, and this marks Flame Toys' second release for the line with Arkham Knight being the first[...]
Yo Joe! Brand New G.I. Joe Statues Deploy with Diamond Select Toys
Up first is Snake Eyes and Timber, who are sporting iconic cartoon colors right from the 80s Destro is back and ready to pimp out your collection as he dons his popper Profit Director Destro costume Last but not least, we have the introduction of Storm Shadow to the line coming in at 11" tall[...]
G.I. Joe Comes to Hiya Toys As They Debut 1/18 Snake Eyes Figures 
Releasing as part of their Exquisite Mini series, Snake Eyes is back and is ready for his next mission Our hero comes in at roughly 4" tall and will feature 17 points of articulation, which Hiya Toys not holding back on accessories or detail His included arsenal will include swappable hands, a silenced submachine gun,[...]
Fortnite x G.I. Joe Snake Eyes 32” Katana Coming Soon from Hasbro 
Joe x Fortnite Snake Eyes figures have finally started to hit collectors' hands This collab took forever to release, and it does not seem like it is the last one To make things even more interesting, Hasbro Pulse UK has put up a listing for their new Fortnite Victory Royale Series G.I Joe Collab Snake[...]
Snake Eyes II Receives an Exclusive Storm Shadow Kotobukiya Statue 
It looks like Dawn Moreno is back as Snake Eyes II once again but is getting a brand new deco Releasing as a PX Previews exclusive, Snake Eyes is peeling away from her black designs, flipping the script with a Storm Shadow deco! That is right, Dawn is Storm Shadow this time with a special[...]
G.I. Joe Snake Eyes Deluxe Edition Deploys with Mezco Toyz
Originally revealed during the recent Mezco Toyzfair, Snake Eyes is ready to join your collection with a very impressive 6" figure This iconic G.I Joe member is a fan favorite among many fans, and now he is bigger than his original 3.75" counterpart, loaded with detail, features a fabric outfit, and loaded with weapons The[...]
Original Snake Eyes Cover Art To GI Joe #21 Up For Auction
The comic book itself is famous, Larry Hama's all-silent issue of GI Joe #21 spotlighting Snake Eyes And this is the original art to that cover by Ed Hannigan and Klaus Janson from 1984,  currently at auction from Heritage Auctions as part of their Platinum Collection, with bids of over $150,000 It will be the highest-selling original[...]
GI Joe Straight Arm 9 Back Snake Eyes Up For Auction
Still, nothing beats the vintage Real American Hero line, and the ultimate MOC figure, a straight arm 9 Back Snake Eyes, is taking bids at Heritage Auctions today This is a gorgeous figure with an awesome cardback, and the price reflects that As of this writing, it is sitting at $3000 I would not be[...]
Snake Eyes Gets Sexy With New G.I. Joe Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
There is a new Snake Eyes in town as Kotobukiya unveils another incredible G.I Joe Bishoujo statue Dawn Moreno is taking up the mantle of Snake Eyes II with a brand new statue standing 9" inches tall Introduced in the IDW G.I Joe comic book, Dawn was trained to be one of Cobra's elite assassins[...]
Let's Take A Look At Hasbro's Snake Eyes GI Joe Classified Figures
Snake Eyes is now in theaters, and Hasbro is going all out for it A whole new line of all ages figures are hitting stores, which we took a look at a few weeks ago Now, however, is when the GI Joe collectors can get excited The Classified line has some new additions, featuring Snake[...]
Snake Eyes Replica Sword Exclusive Coming To Gamestop
Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins opened in theaters over the weekend, and the merch keeps rolling in A new exclusive replica of his sword is coming to Gamestop from Modern Icons This is based on his sword from the classic 80's cartoon and comes with a base for display, and the Arashikage clan logo can[...]
Rob Liefeld's epic take on Snake Eyes concludes on Wednesday with Snake Eyes Deadgame #5 It's been a take that has corrected some longstanding problems with the fan-favorite character, such as working around the way Snake Eyes doesn't talk by giving him a witty running inner monologue via field reports And sure, Snake Eyes has[...]
GI Joe Collectors: The New Basic Figures From Hasbro Are A Mixed Bag
The Snake Eyes movie releases this month, and on the toy side, the Classified line has seen sellout after sellout when waves are released into stores The Walmart exclusive 3.75 "retro" line has also been a success But one group that was left out of all the fun would be younger collectors Hasbro heard you,[...]
Snake Eyes and The Crow Get New Statues from Diamond Select Toys
This time it looks like two deadly characters are in the spotlight with Snake Eyes from G.I Joe and Eric Driven from The Crow Snake Eyes is kicking things off first as Diamond Select Toys contuse to build their new G.I Joe statue series Standing 11 inches tall, Snake Eyes and his wold companion Timber[...]
Snake Eyes Becomes Deadpool With threezero Deadgame Figure
Coming out of Rob Liefeld's IDW Publishing comic, Snake Eyes; Deadgame, everyone's favorite assassin is back once again This time he dons his new blood red costume quite similar to Deadpool's, coming in at 12" tall With a hand-tailored outfit, this figure features 22 points of articulation as his own powerful ninja arsenal Snake Eyes[...]
Rob Liefeld To Ink Larry Hama &Be Inked By Kevin Eastman & Neal Adams
Rob Liefeld's final issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame, issue 5 published by IDW, will see guest artists inking his work on the series, including Kevin Eastman, Ryan Ottley, Eric Canete, Karl Kerschl, Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Whilce Portacio, Karl Kesel, Art Thibert, Philip Tan, Dan Panosian, Dan Fraga, Ed Piskor, Marat Mychaels, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli,[...]
Snake Eyes Trademark/Copyright Missing From Batman/Fortnite #3?
Which makes the appearance of the GI Joe character Snake Eyes in today's Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 comic book even more curious The announcement (first seen on Bleeding Cool) was a surprise to all, and the comic book published today sees the Acquisition department of Fortnite bring in Snake Eyes as an opponent for Batman,[...]
Snake Eyes: First Poster, 8 Images, and Official Synopsis Released
The first trailer for Snake Eyes dropped tonight, and unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be that much that will set it apart from any other movie about ninjas That's not really a bad thing; in many ways, a movie like this will live and die by the fight scenes and how well the script manages to[...]
Snake Eyes: First Poster, 8 Images, and Official Synopsis Released
Snake Eyes has sort of been lurking in the background since it was first announced, but it does have a very impressive cast The G.I Joe movies have been mostly misses so far, so there is a lot of pressure on this one to come out swinging They have the cast to do it, but[...]
Hasbro and Paramount Move Snake Eyes from October to July 2021
Today, during the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest live-stream and later confirmed via official social media, it was announced that Snake Eyes would be moving up from October 22, 2021, to July 23, 2021 However, Paramount hasn't announced if Snake Eyes is going to be one of the titles that shrink the theatrical window but considering the release[...]
GI Joe Classified & Snake Eyes Reveals Take Over Hasbro Fan Fest
GI Joe fans were treated to some new reveals today, including new figures in their mega-popular Classified Series.  Snake Eyes movie line was the name of the game today, as all the reveals were in support of that. The brand has not been this relevant in quite some time, and this last year has been[...]
Explaining Batman Vs Snake Eyes in DC Fortnite Comic (Spoilers)
The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book crossover will begin publication from DC Comics shortly, and Bleeding Cool has looked at details from the final three issues of the six-issue series, that will see Epic Games CCO reveal secrets of the Fortnite Island never before revealed. Explaining Batman Vs Snake Eyes in DC Fortnite Comic (Spoilers) But one[...]
A cover to Batman/Fortnite #3
DC Comics has unveiled a first look at the fight between Batman and Snake Eyes in the upcoming comic Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3 The comic will be the first crossover between the two badasses of their respective franchise universes and is sure to become a collectors' item even as it features absolutely no non-fungible tokens. #gallery-1[...]
GI Joe Graded Straight Arm Snake Eyes Figure On Auction At Heritage
The 80's Real American Heroes figures are still near and dear to collectors' hearts, though, and Snake Eyes is the most desirable of those On auction over at Heritage Auctions right now is a MOC Snake Eyes, graded 85+ This is a gorgeous figure and currently sitting at an amazing $1,735 and nowhere to go[...]
DC Comics To Publish Batman Vs GI JOE: Snake Eyes in Fortnite Comic
Can even the World's Greatest Detective escape this trap when time itself resets every 22 minutes? And will the presence of someone else from Gotham City–a familiar feline fatale–help or hinder his efforts…especially when they don't remember each other? In another life, they were enemies, friends, partners…but here on the Island, can they do anything[...]
Fortnite and G.I. Joe Collab Snake Eyes Figure Arrives From Hasbro
That is right, the hit assassin Snake Eyes is joining the fight with an upcoming official addition to the game To celebrate this collaboration, Hasbro has announced their new collaboration figure with the Fortnite G.I Joe Collab Snake Eyes: Zero Point Edition The figure seems similar to Hasbro's G.I Joe: Classified Series with a new[...]
Snake Eyes Deadgame #1 Review: Like A Torrent Of Shuriken
Well, the latest addition to the game look like they'll be fitting right in with that cast of characters and will make the game seem just a little more wacky. A look at Snake Eyes from Snake Eyes Deadgame #1, cover by Rob Liefeld. Today the developers dropped this little ditty on the Fortnite official Twitter, a[...]