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Rob Liefeld's Prophet film has hired a writer.
The film is coming from Studio 8 and is based on the comic series by Rob Liefeld Studio 8 is looking to make this a franchise, with Adrian Askarieh (Hitman: Agent 47), Brooklyn Weaver (Run All Night), and Rob Liefeld himself producing Since Liefeld has a deal in place with Netflix for his Extreme Universe characters, this might end[...]
Youngblood #0 Gold Edition, At Au
Rob Liefeld has published Youngblood #1 from Image Comics However, orders for Youngblood #2 are half those of Youngblood #1, and schedules are biting What's the boy to do? Why solicit Youngblood #0 – which is like a Youngblood #1, with artists Dan Fraga and Danny Miki helping him with the schedule Set before Youngblood[...]
New Mutants #98, Marvel 1991.
The first appearance of Deadpool and Domino, as drawn by Rob Liefeld, and despite a million-strong print run, fetch vast sums when up for auction in high-grade condition. NEW MUTANTS (1983-91) #98 CGC NM: 9.4 NEW MUTANTS (1983-91) #98 CGC NM+: 9.6 NEW MUTANTS (1983-91) #98 CGC NM/M: 9.8 NEW MUTANTS (1983-91) #98 CGC NM/M: 9.8 #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item[...]
Rob Liefeld's 1st Deadpool & Domino, New Mutants #98 Under The Hammer
There is a reason why Rob Liefeld charges three figures to sign this comic book; because it means that someone is going to sell it for four figures New Mutants #98 is the first appearance of Deadpool and Domino, created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza Liefeld was the hottest artistic talent of the day[...]
Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
With a scaled-down "Prelude" show, the Big Apple Comic Con had rearranged its planned date from next weekend to this, to accommodate the schedule of Rob Liefeld, as their A-List comic book guest which would have brought the Big Apple Comic Con back with a bang And would have fitted in with Rob Liefeld's tour[...]
Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
The weekend represents the first of the long-standing physical comic conventions to return, even in a reduced format, The Big Apple Comic Con in the New Yorker Hotel on Saturday. Rob Liefeld's Anniversary Tour But it seems that their star guest, Rob Liefeld, has announced that he will no longer be attending Liefeld posted to Facebook stating; Once[...]
Ro Liefeld Vs Robert Kirkman In Skybound Xpo II Next Weekend
This two-day virtual event brings fans across the world a chance to learn about the biggest new comic books news, including the new YA line Skybound Comet has landed, video games such as Rainbow Billy, and a one-on-one conversations between Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld amongst others, and talking about Invincible with the TV cast[...]
Lies, Damn Lies, Dan Slott, And Rob Liefeld
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics" underlines the point that people use statistics to say whatever they want. Rob Liefeld this week was celebrating the anniversary of the launch of X-Force #1 and that it sold five million copies Something he was keen to point out repeatedly, claiming it as the[...]
Rob Liefeld Returns To X-Force In November For 30th Anniversary
It's Rob Liefeld time again When writer Vita Ayala was named the new writer on New Mutants last year, as part of Jonathan Hickman's Krakoan X-Men line Newsarama gave the story the clickbaity headline "New Mutants gets new writer post-X of Swords" not saying who it was until you clicked through Rob Liefeld quote tweeted[...]
Rob Liefeld Returns To X-Force In November For 30th Anniversary
Rob Liefeld posted to social media today "It Was 30 Years Ago Today! June 25, 1991 X-FORCE kicked down the door and never looked back! Where were you 30 years ago? Where'd you buy your copies, did you get all of them? Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in my spastic energy 5[...]
NFTWatch: From Jae Lee's Seven Sons To Rob Liefeld's Deadpool
They also try and address  are concerns about the environmental impact of releasing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain with what they describe as "a carbon offset infrastructure with a calculated 99% more efficient, proof-of-stake model for minting NFTs" and that "Blockibles can produce NFTs that deliver on all the promise and excitement of digital technologies[...]
Time To Set Records For New Mutants #87 & #98, First Cable & Deadpool
Possibly. New Mutants #87 is the first appearance of Cable, created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson, and New Mutants #98 is the first appearance of Deadpool, Domino, created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza Liefeld was the hot artistic talent of the day, kids especially loved him, and the appearance of the characters in the[...]
Rob Liefeld New Mutants, Hawk & Dove, Deadpool Original Art Auctioned
Such as a handful of pages of original Rob Liefeld artwork, including some of his earliest New Mutants artwork from #88 and #94, as well as more recent pieces from Onslaught, Deadpool, Champions, and Hawk & Dove Get ready to see some more records broken The auctions for New Mutants #88 artwork and Deadpool #1[...]
Rob Liefeld To Ink Larry Hama &Be Inked By Kevin Eastman & Neal Adams
Rob Liefeld's final issue of Snake Eyes: Deadgame, issue 5 published by IDW, will see guest artists inking his work on the series, including Kevin Eastman, Ryan Ottley, Eric Canete, Karl Kerschl, Neal Adams, Jerry Ordway, Whilce Portacio, Karl Kesel, Art Thibert, Philip Tan, Dan Panosian, Dan Fraga, Ed Piskor, Marat Mychaels, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli,[...]
Rob Liefeld main cover to The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1, by Rob Liefeld and David Gallaher, in stores June 30th from Archive Comics
On June 30th, Rob Liefeld reboots The Shield in The Mighty Crusaders: The Shield #1, a one-shot comic from Archie Comics, with a little help from David Gallaher and Jack Morelli, and more variant covers than there are preview pages Check out a preview below, with Final Order Cutoff coming Monday, June 7th. THE MIGHTY CRUSADERS:[...]