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Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Something which the retailers there present were surprised to learn. Rob Liefeld Spoils Mighty Crusaders In Outrage Against Spoilers Well, what goes around, comes around Yesterday, artist Tone Rodriguez posted on his Facebook page, read by a few dozen fans, the following retailer variant cover to the new Mighty Crusaders series that Rob Liefeld is writing and[...]
Philip Kennedy Johnson & Ron Lim Join Venom #200, But Not Rob Liefeld
How will this all conclude? And might adding Alien comic book writer Philip Kennedy Johnson to the Venom #200 credits suggest he may be taking the character on in months to come? It's not that much of a jump from a xenomorph to a symbiote. However, one person who won't be joining them is Rob Liefeld,[...]
Rob Liefeld Draws Michonne For The Walking Dead
Including new covers by David Finch, Julian Totino Tedesco, Arthir Adams, Charlie Adlard, Mel Milton, Chase Conley and… Rob Liefeld. The Walking Dead #1 Wizard World variant by Rob Liefeld This kind of character and cover is usually outside Rob Liefeld's wheelhouse, so it may be quite fascinating to see what he comes up with[...]
Does that make Rob Liefeld the Barry Windsor-Smith of his generation? Food for thought Check out the preview below. BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH MONSTERS SGND HC (MR) FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS DEC201452 (W) Barry Windsor-Smith (A / CA) Barry Windsor-Smith A special signed volume of Barry Windsor-Smith's MONSTERS will be available in February 2021 Limited to 1200 copies, the author's signature appears on a[...]
Will Rob Liefeld Save The Mighty Crusaders For Archie Comics?
There's been a lot of news swirling around Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld of late – 30th anniversary covers for Marvel, Snake Eyes at IDW, a brand-new superhero team no longer being launched by NFT, that eight-year-old Kickstarter that folk have definitely not forgotten about, and more, but something that may have slipped the mind of[...]
Rob Liefeld Was To Launch new Superhero Team By NFT But Changed Mind
Rob Liefeld posted the following to Facebook; I was going to have an NFT drop this weekend It was submitted and prepared weeks in advance WAS I pulled it Too much unknown Environmental concerns Market concerns There were a bunch of spin off pieces, additional "tokens" highlighting each character All these bold new characters will meet[...]
Rob Liefeld Pages New Mutants #100
There are a couple of Rob Liefeld pages of note in the 2021 April 1 – 4 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction – Dallas #7242 from Heritage Auction A page from the final issue of New Mutants #100 that saw the series relaunch as X-Force And a page with Cable that Heritage was unsure of[...]
Rob Liefeld Recreates The Shield and The Mighty Crusaders For Archie
In May, Marvel Comics is kicking off Heroes Return for the twentieth anniversary of when Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee took over a bunch of titles and rebooted them from scratch And in June, Rob Liefeld is doing his own celebration, courtesy of Archie Comics After Rob Liefeld left the Heroes Reborn: Captain America title,[...]
DC Direct Updates Retailers On New Ordering Procedures
Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld posted to Facebook "More real then you can imagine… tires are being kicked." Painkiller Jane creator Jimmy Palmiotti tweeted "I have been hearing this for a few months already with names attached I cannot repeat" adding "I will back Rich up on this I am hearing a lot of late." And Bad[...]
From League To Violator Vs Badrock - Alan Moore's Nineties At Auction
Two days to go… Marat Mychaels, Andy Park, and others – Extreme Studios Comic Story Page Original Art Group of 4 (Maximum Press/Image, 1994-1996). A group of four pages from the Rob Liefeld-created Extreme Studios, who released comics through Image and Maximum Press Included are: Vogue #2 Page 6 by Marat Mychaels (layouts), Andy Park (pencils), and Sean Parsons[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes
But one solution is to bring other artists in to help out with the workload, which is why Bleeding Cool likes to run Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes to keep up with such things. Deadpool Nerdy #30 #1 was solicited as written by Fabian Nicieza, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Daniel Way, and Joe Kelly –[...]
Auto Draft
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran a series of teasers that seemed to be recreating Marvel superheroes in new fashions, and died into teasers for the 25th anniversary of Heroes Reborn, which saw the Avengers and Fantastic four recreated in separate continuities by Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee Bleeding Cool told you that it was something[...]
TheftWatch: Rob Liefeld New Mutants Cover Stolen 30 Years Ago
Recently he shared some news involving his work with a different co-founder of Image Comics, Rob Liefeld And a cover for New Mutants #90 that he inked from a very long time ago. Scott Williams posted to social media, "This is the only piece of art I've ever had stolen Taken from Homage Studios office sometime[...]
Artwork from Rob Liefeld's Mighty Crusaders reboot
Superstar artist Rob Liefeld will helm the latest attempt in the bi-annual Archie Comics tradition of attempting to reboot the company's superhero IP in hopes it will finally catch on with a new generation of readers Punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline had the scoop on the news, essentially a press release given early to Deadline[...]
The Daily LITG 13th December 2020
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Credit: Rob Liefeld – The Daily LITG 13th December 2020 Last night, Rob Liefeld posted to Facebook, COLORISTS! I am always on the look for new talent I have a ton of opportunities and am always looking towards new collaborators I take great care of color artists[...]