The First Death of Absolute Carnage in Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre #1 First Look

Absolute Carnage is not only a super-mega-crossover event, which requires shocking character deaths to show people how serious it is, but it also stars Carnage, so you know the deaths are going to be ramped up to extreme levels, regardless of false promises recently made by Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski. And in traditional Marvel fashion, the House of Ideas is spoiling the first of those deaths themselves before Bleeding Cool can do it for them with this preview of Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre #1 by Cullen Bunn, Alberto Jiminez Albuquerque, Joshua Cassara, and Jay David Ramos.

So who bites the bullet first? Uh… some random hipster, Andi Benton's boss at the record store where she works, who gets a symbiote tentacle through the heart while he's exiting the bathroom after taking a poop (what a way to go!). Random record store hipster, we hardly knew you. Unfortunately, we won't have much time to mourn since Carnage is going to be leaving a "trail of bodies" throughout the event.

A press release contains more details:

Carnage Ramps Up his Hunt in 'WEB OF VENOM: FUNERAL PYRE'

'ABSOLUTE CARNAGE' is set in motion this July!

New York, NY—June 28, 2019— Cletus Kasady is kicking off his murder spree before ABSOLUTE CARNAGE arrives this August! And the trail of bodies will first pile up in July's WEB OF VENOM: FUNERAL PYRE!

For weeks, serial killer Carnage has been hunting former symbiote hosts and killing them. Next in the crosshairs of his inky tendrils is Andi Benton, formerly Mania, who's back to living in Philadelphia and without any symbiote to save her…

"When I took this project, I warned Editorial that it was going to be vicious and bloody and cruel.," said writer and Mania co-creator Cullen Bunn. "I'm leaning into Carnage's horror vibe here. This is absolutely a horror story, with Andi as the hero and Carnage as the unstoppable killer."

With terror and throat-gripping action, this utterly alien thriller will mark only the beginning of Carnage's insatiable bloodlust.

Preview this story now, and for more information on WEB OF VENOM: FUNERAL PYRE #1 please visit

Written by CULLEN BUNN
On Sale 7/24/2019

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