This Week, The Actual First Appearance Of Kenan Kong, The New Chinese Super Man

Despite certain aftermarket speculation that saw Batman/Superman #32 sell out and go up in value, currently for up to $25 in raw and $150 at CGC 9.8, for a supposed first appearance of Kenan Kong, the New Super Man, at the time we weren't so sure.

And the writer of the new series clarified that it was not.

But the current preview of New Super Man #1 out this week, on CBR, does reveal more… and that the person behind that Chinese Superman clone is still working in the field.

NSM-1-13-26860 So we do have the first appearance of the non-powered Kenan Kong.NSM-1-14-035fc

And Dr Omen, the scientist behind all that clone Superman experimentation.NSM-1-15-b2243It is literally called an Origin Chamber. Is this being written by Mick Anglo? And no mention of Disneyland in a Superman comic… but the chest logo is closer to the original one.

In China, if someone from the government comes and wants you for something, you don't get to say no. They don't have you sign any paperwork. It's your patriotic duty…


They seem to have blown the CBR logo out of the back of his head. Well, they are evil.


Yup, his origin is coming apart already…

New Superman #1 by Gene Luen Yang, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Richard Friend.

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