Titan To Kill Off Major Character Four Issues Into Robotech Series

And the Robotech universe will never be the same… as it was for the previous three issues!

Robotech Vol. 1 cover by Artgerm

Titan Comics is nothing like the big two! They're not about to sit around and wait until series attrition brings a comic book close to cancellation before killing off a major character to spike sales. Instead, despite Robotech #1 just going to a third printing earlier this month, they're going to kill off a major character anyway in issue #4 of their just-launched Robotech comic by Brian Wood and Marco Turini.

Titan isn't saying who on the Robotech team will make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of comic book sales, but they do narrow it down in a press release to Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, Roy Fokker, Claudia Grant, or Henry Gloval.

Following this shocking and emotional comic book death on October 24, Robotech #5 will see the surviving cast members trying to cope with the grief while at the same time basking in those sweet, sweet post-death sales numbers. Starting with Robotech #5 on December 13, as previously reported by Bleeding Cool, Simon Furman will join the writing team alongside Brian Wood.

Is it too early to speculate on when the character killed in Robotech #4 will come back? Perhaps for the book's milestone 8th issue early next year? We'll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, check out some covers for Robotech #5:

Jen Bartel cover


Cosplay Wraparound Variant


Action Figure Variant


Blair Shedd Variant


Funeral for a Friend Variant

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