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Snatch Up DMZ #1 For Steal From ComicConnect Auction Ending Today

Snatch Up DMZ #1 For Steal From ComicConnect Auction Ending Today

The Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli series is set to debut as a tv show on HBO Max from director Ava Duvernay and starring Rosario Dawson As always, that means interest is starting to heat up on back issues, and right now on ComicConnect, part of Event Auction #42 is a 9.2 CGC copy of[...]

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"DMZ": Ava DuVernay Set to Direct Pilot for HBO Max's DC Comics Adapt

Now it looks like DuVernay will be extending her stay in the DC Comics universe, with the Academy Award nominee set to direct the pilot for HBO Max's upcoming television series adaptation of Brian Wood's Vertigo comic DMZ.[caption id="attachment_1095081" align="alignnone" width="1200"] Netflix[/caption] “DMZ is a special project to me as it marks a key collaboration with[...]

New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous

Terrific Production LLC Interested in Brian Wood for Youngblood

Last week, former Comics Alliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson spoke out about an experience with comic book writer Brian Wood, adding to 2013 sexual harassment allegations by Tess Fowler about Wood, and leading to Dark Horse canceling an upcoming Aliens comic to be written by Wood and ceasing the pursuit of future projects with him But[...]

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Tess Fowler, and Sexual Harassment in Comics

Laura Hudson Talks About Brian Wood, Sexual Harassment and Tess Fowler

She spoke to Bleeding Cool about the incidents and their impact, but chose not to name him at the time.A week later she changed her mind, naming Brian Wood, Marvel's then-X-Men writer Wood apologised for his actions, though disputed her account of them Fowler also recounted and that a number of other people has contacted her[...]

Sword Daughter #2 cover by Greg Smallwood

Sword Daughter #2 Review: Smart, Atmospheric, and Compelling

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elsbeth and Dags ride a fishing vessel away from Norway, ultimately landing in Ireland. Here, they find a woman with the back of her head caved in, and the local constable immediately blames Elsbeth and her father. Dags intuits that this is not the first of such killings and lands a job hunting […]

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #3 cover by Nimit Malavia

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #3 Review – Revolutionary Vibes and Robot Fights

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Shore is uniting to stand up against OCP and the government they've built in Detroit. A group calling themselves the Lords are rising in the Ruins. Robocop himself openly attacks a squad of OCP drones assailing the refugees fleeing the Ruins. The downtrodden of Detroit are showing that they will not be […]

Sword Daughter #1 cover by Greg Smallwood

Sword Daughter #1 Review: An Atmospheric and Beautiful Start

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Elisabeth is the daughter of Dags. The two live in Norway. Ten years ago, their village was raided and slaughtered by a Viking clan called the Forty Swords. Dags went catatonic for ten years while Elisabeth took care of him. Now, he is awake with a daughter that doesn't properly know him. He […]

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #2 cover by Nimit Malavia

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #2 Review – Bloated but Sharp Satire

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] OCP continue their plan to take the ruins of Old Detroit and replace it with high-income housing. They use their mechanical police force in service of doing so, but Leo is helping Alex Murphy, aka the Robocop, to get back in action and fight back at OCP. Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #2 maintains the […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series'

The art by Damian Worm was good, but that's all the book had going for it.[caption id="attachment_825866" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #1 cover by Nimit Malavia and David Rubin[/caption]Win: Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #1 is Gets the Point of RobocopRobocop: Citizen's Arrest #1 by Brian Wood, Jorge Coelho, and Doug Garback presents a world where using an app to report your neighbors[...]

Robocop: Citizen's Arrest #1 cover by Nimit Malavia and David Rubin

Robocop Citizen's Arrest #1 Review: Modernized and as Poignant as Ever

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] OCP has returned and has shut down the public law enforcement facet of the Detroit city government. They have succeeded in establishing New Detroit, and Robocop has been replaced by R/Cop, an app that allows private citizens to pay a fee to report a crime. If the crime turns out to be genuine, […]

Doctor Who and Tank Girl Celebrate Free Comic Book Day: Titan Comics March 2018 Solicits

(STL074269) 32pgs, FC SRP: $16.99JAN181935 MINKY WOODCOCK GIRL WHO HANDCUFFED HOUDINI TP (W/A) Cynthia von Buhler Unappreciated at her father’s detective agency, the fabulous, rabbit-loving Minky Woodcock straps on her gumshoes in order to uncover a magical mystery involving the world-famous escape artist, Harry Houdini. Created by acclaimed artist, author, director, and playwright Cynthia Von Buhler (Speakeasy Dollhouse, Evelyn Evelyn,[...]

'Rebels: These Free And Independent States' #8 Review: Green Mountain Guerrillas

This is partly the case because writer Brian Wood isn’t waving the “America F*** Yeah” flag particularly hard here, and the people who are getting the spotlight in this issue are individuals who don’t otherwise receive a lot of attention from the teary-eyed glimpses back to that great and glorious American Revolution.The one individual here[...]

Titan To Kill Off Major Character Four Issues Into Robotech Series

Instead, despite Robotech #1 just going to a third printing earlier this month, they're going to kill off a major character anyway in issue #4 of their just-launched Robotech comic by Brian Wood and Marco Turini.Titan isn't saying who on the Robotech team will make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of comic book sales, but[...]

Robotech #1 Review: Once Ahead Of The Curve, Now Behind The Times

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Let's get this part out of the way: I'm not familiar with Robotech. It's before my time, and I'm not super big into anime or manga. There's good stuff there, Akira is an amazing movie, and I have nothing against it. I watched Dragonball Z and Naruto growing up. I dabbled in Attack […]

Creator Commentary – Hayden Sherman Talks John Carter: The End #4

Hayden is of course the artist for the series with scripts by Brian Wood and Alex Cox. Cover by Garry BrownCreator’s Commentary: HAYDEN SHERMAN on JOHN CARTER: THE END #4, on sale NOW from Dynamite!Hello all, looks like it’s my turn to walk you through the world of John Carter: The End! This book has been[...]

Writer's Commentary – Alex Cox Talks John Carter: The End #3

Dynamite's latest writer's commentary features Alex Cox talking about John Carter: The End #3, which he's writing with Brian Wood. Cover by Garry Brown with interiors by Hayden Sherman.John Carter of Mars! What a guy, right? Swords and radium rifles and nakedness Burroughs understood the recipe for awesomeness To ease you, the reader, into what is[...]

Exclusive Preview Of Aliens: Defiance #9

This time it's for Aliens: Defiance #9 by Brian Wood and Tony Brescini The idea that a group would keep an alien alive, even for the purpose of discovering it's weaknesses, just cries out that it's a bad idea And now with space pirates attacking.. they're going to try and use the alien as a[...]