Transformers Are Now Changing Art Teams

Transformers #12 was solicited as being drawn by Kei Zama. Indeed, with a cover by Alez Milne, the solicitation promised 'The return of both Alex Milne (Transformers: Unicron) and Kei Zama (Optimus Prime)'

Not so fast. While Milne is still drawing the cover, the internal art credit has now transformed into Sara Pitre-Durocher, who worked on the pre-reboot Transformers books for IDW. But Milne will be returning for the subsequent issue.

Because Transformers #13 was solicited with art by Anna Malkova and Bethany McGuire-Smith and has now similarly transformed into Angel Hernandez and Alex Milne who worked on previous issues.

Transformers Are Now Changing Art Teams

Any more for any more? Here are the original solicitations for both:

(W) Brian Ruckley (A) Kei Zama (CA) Alex Milne
Out in the vast galaxy, Cybertronian explorers encounter all manner of beings-some friendly and some in stern opposition to Cybertronian expansion. When relations start to crumble and violence is threatened, there's only one bot to turn to-Nautica, head of xeno-relations.

All your favorite Transformers characters as you've never seen them before!
The return of both Alex Milne (Transformers: Unicron) and Kei Zama (Optimus Prime)!In Shops: Sep 18, 2019
Final Orders Due: Aug 26, 2019
SRP: $3.99

(W) Brian Ruckley (A) Anna Malkova, Bethany McGuire-Smith (CA) Winston Chan
The hunt is on! Chromia and Prowl launch a massive security operation, desperately trying to track down two murderers. Bumblebee visits an injured Windblade, Orion Pax, Sentinel Prime, and Megatron wrestle for control and influence-and nobody knows whose side (if anyone's) Termagax and Starscream are on in all of this!
* Now shipping monthly!
* A new arc begins here!
* When things get bad, can Security Operations tell who is friend and who is foe?
* The bold new era continues! Cybertron's fate hangs in the balance as Transformers begins a new story arc!In Shops: Oct 09, 2019
Final Orders Due: Oct 16, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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