Welcome to New To You Comic Book Day #NTYCBD

It was comic book creator Matthew Rosenberg who launched the #NTYCBD hashtag. Standing for New To You Comic Book Day, it intends to replicate the #NCBD hashtag in a world where far fewer comic book are being published right now. Matthew asked me if I had any and, as always, I took the opportunity to tell him about Shane Simmons' Longshot Comics. A hilarious historical family epic told from the point of view of someone around a mile away from the action, so that every character appears as a small dot.

Longshot Comics by Shane Simmons, a part of #NTYCBD.
Longshot Comics by Shane Simmons, a part of #NTYCBD.


First published in the nineties, Longshot Comics was recently revived and republished in graphic novella form, with a third brand new chapter, and all available through Amazon. It may be my favourite comic book of all time. Either that, Sleaze Castle, The Cowboy Wally Show or Finder. But that's me, what are other creators recommending for #NCTYBD?

Have You #NTYCBD Yet?

Everyone's doing the #NTYCBD

#NTYCBD for all seasons

Love and #NTYCBD

Nice to end on that one as Matthew Rosenberg pretty much kicked most of this off. Please, add more to the thread, comment in the comments below, I have read about three- quarters of the books listed above and it looks like I have a lot of reading to do. Why not join me in this endeavour? Then follow Bleeding Cool's coverage of the current situation with this link.

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