Will It Be Ozymandias Who Takes Tim Drake Out Of The Picture?

The rumour is that Tim Drake may meet his maker in Detective Comics #940 this week. The tattletale has been there, and DC Comics certainly hasn't been shy of playing up to them, removing him from already solicited covers and then not mentioning him at all in upcoming solicitations.

While the comic has seemed to be setting up a "Retirony" trope.

DTC_939_5Making plans to go to college… what is it they say about the best laid plans? And as for "leaving Gotham"…. we get a seriously played out last stand against those armed drones…

02_18So what's going on? Well, the drones are another example, as Bleeding Cool has pointed out, of the DC Rebirth seeing characters being monitored by others. Not just Batman….

Image…but Superman as well, by the mysterious Mr Oz, who could be Watchmen's Ozymandias – watching through nine panel grid screens, using the Nostalgia perfume logo that also reads OZ…

Image (36)

…and fitting in with that blood tipped smiley face that Batman found in his Batcave.

Image (45)

So, is Ozymandias also behind the batdrones? If so, is he going to kill Tim Drake? Or will he just capture him like he did Doomsday?


Of course, there's one theory that it's not Ozymandias at all but Vyndktvyx, the evil 5th dimensional imp introduced by Grant Morrison.

In that case though, what about the smiley face?

Bleeding Cool, watching out for the Watchmen…

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