Will Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 Beat Issue #75 73% Bump?

Retailers are finalizing their orders their FOC orders today for the conclusion of the ongoing Lumberjanes series with Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1. The special finale issue that caps off the 75 issue run of Lumberjanes in December. Not only is the issue oversized, but it marks the return of co-creator and original series artist Brooklyn Allen alongside other co-creator and longtime co-writer Shannon Watters to send the campers off in style with co-writer Kat Leyh and artist Kanesha C. Bryant.

Lumberjanes is an anomaly in the US comic market, having started off as a limited series in 2014 before Boom Studios quickly promoted it to an ongoing series. Since then Lumberjanes became one of Boom's most successful franchises spinning off graphic novels, a colouring book, illustrated novels, apparel, patches, pins, and even crossing over with DC Comics' Gotham Academy. Reaching 75 issues in the current market is an accomplishment in and of itself, but unless I'm mistaken it also makes Lumberjanes the longest-running series written, drawn, coloured, and lettered exclusively by women and nonbinary persons. The fact that this isn't bigger news may be a small positive sign of how much more representative the comic landscape has become when it comes to nonmale creators in the last 6 years, and no doubt, Lumberjanes' success played some role in that.

Lumberjanes has also had the attention of Hollywood, first when it was being developed as a feature film at 20th Century Fox  – which was killed when Disney purchased Fox – and recently as an animated series at HBOMax. HBOMax won the rights to develop the franchise as an animated series in a highly competitive bidding war with co-creator and She-Ra And The Princesses of Power showrunner, Noelle Stevenson, attached to write and direct.

The announcement saw a renewed interest for collectors in back issues of Lumberjanes with copies of the first issue getting snapped up on eBay. A first printing recently sold for $75 and $100, the Cards, Comics, & Collectibles exclusive goes for $28 to $35, and even the second printing can fetch you between $16 and $24 thanks to the option news. And because Lumberjanes built largely a reader audience that bought the collections rather than single issues, the individual issues never saw massive print runs on the singles… meaning that key issues are likely to become quite hard to find as we get closer to the HBOMax series debuting.

In fact, recently Boom CEO Ross Richie made it a bit easier for collectors and speculators to decide which variants to hunt down when he revealed on his Instagram which variants of the first issue had the smallest print runs.

And the HBOMax announcement didn't just impact the aftermarket on Lumberjanes. As I understand it, orders for issue #75 were 73% higher than the previous issue. It's clear that retailers viewed issue #75 as the finale of the series because orders for Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 currently sit 32% lower than issue #75. Will retailers adjust their orders for the finale by tonight? Or will Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 become a speculator goldmine when demand outpaces supply?

Lumberjanes #75 doesn't come out until November 18th, which means retailers have to place their orders for Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 before they see how additional interest in the finale of the long-running female-driven comic series and the HBOMax announcement impact their sales. If trade-waiting fans show up for the finale of their favourite series will retailers be caught without enough copies on the shelves?

Will Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 Beat Issue #75 73% Bump?
Will Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 Beat Issue #75 73% Bump?

They'll have their last chance to decide as Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 FOCs today Monday, November 9th.

(W) Kat Leyh, Shannon Watters (A) Brooklyn Allen, Kanesha C. Bryant (CA) Kat Leyh
* The END OF SUMMER is here in the final issue of Lumberjanes!
* Co-Creator & Series Artist Brooklyn Allen Returns…along with the Kitten Holy!
* Now the scouts of Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Hardcore Lady Types will have to fight back against the mysterious force known as the Grey!
* Meanwhile, Molly has discovered a deep and ancient forest magic, which she hopes to use to protect her friends and the home they've all found here. Will she be able to, though? Or is this all-encompassing, all-erasing Grey just too much for one 'Jane to fight on her own? In Shops: Dec 02, 2020 SRP: $6.99

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