The End of X-Men Gold and Blue in the Summer of 2018?

We know that X-Men Gold will be going up to #30 and X-Men Blue up to #28 at least, courtesy of these two Amazon listings.

Kitty's X-Men and the Xavier Institute have some big changes on the way… Will they be able to keep their doors open? Meanwhile, Rachel Grey current codename "Prestige" might not fit anymore after her dark rebirth.


After the X-Men's cross time capers and harrowing exploits in Mojo Worldwide, the team needs to regroup because what's in store for them is bigger and more daunting than ever!


But what of beyond?

Bleeding Cool has been informed (or misinformed, you know how it goes) that both X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold will end this summertime. However, there will, naturally, be X-Men team books to replace them, and the twice-monthly schedule that has proved relatively popular on these titles will be retained by their replacements.

I am told to expect to hear something more official in April.

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