Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation Will Get An Update In February

Stardock Entertainment revealed this past week that Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation will be getting a major update. It's been a long minute since we've heard anything about this game as it has been riding on only minor updates here and there. But nothing major has come down the pipeline in a while until this past week when the developers revealed that Version 3.0 is on the way. According to the announcement, this update is going to be a near-complete overhaul of the game's balance as they will leave very little of it as it once was. These changes will include units, buildings, orbital abilities, and more. It's not going to break the game (fingers crossed) but it will definitely change the way you see things and play it. We have more info on the update below as the update will roll out sometime in the month of February.

version 3.0 will be bringing with it several changes and improvements. Courtesy of Stardock Entertainment.
version 3.0 will be bringing with it several changes and improvements. Courtesy of Stardock Entertainment.

"Game balance is constantly a work in progress," said Brian Clair, the VP of Publishing for Stardock who worked extensively on the update. "This version is huge – our major focus was to completely overhaul the game balance and optimize performance. GPUs and CPUs are constantly evolving. We wanted to make sure that the benchmark evolved with it. We removed redundant units and armies, revised to show more unit types, and updated camera views and positions for an overall better look."

Both game factions have had their units and buildings carefully balanced against each other. Rather than just adjusting hit points and unit cost, v3.0 focuses on giving each unit a unique role to play. The AI has also been updated significantly, which should provide players with new and exciting challenges when playing against a computer opponent. v3.0 brings a new benchmark, performance optimizations, and major improvements to visual effects. New maps, campaign adjustments, and much more are also included in the massive update.

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