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"Witchbrook" Gets A Spellbinding New Aesthetic, But No Release Date

Chucklefish's upcoming magical adventure Witchbrook just went undergone an aesthetic transformation. The colorful cross between what appears to be the worlds of Harry Potter and Stardew Valley is still in active development, but it's only recently taken on a different look in terms of its overall art style. Not long ago, in early March, its […]

Embr Main Art

Curve Digital & Muse Games Announce "Embr" For PC

Curve Digital and Muse Games announced a new game this week as their firefighting multiplayer "unsimulator" Embr is headed to PC this year. This is basically what happens when you try to create a fire-fighting game and decide midway through to just have fun with it. There's no way to take this one seriously, which […]

Vigor Nintendo Switch

"Vigor" Is Launching A Closed Beta On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Bohemia Interactive announced this week that they will be setting up a closed beta for their upcoming game Vigor on the Nintendo Switch next week. A couple of weeks ago, the game was announced by Nintendo during their Mini Direct that the game was going to be headed to their console. What we didn't really […]


"Darkest Dungeon" is Getting PvP With May's "The Butcher's Circus"

Austere roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon is getting a new addition in the form of PvP content in the near future. Developer Red Hook Studios is offering PvP for the first time ever in its already challenging game ahead of announcing additional details about the upcoming Darkest Dungeon 2. While there have been plenty of DLC […]

Elyon Main Logo

"Ascent: Infinite Realm" Changes Its Name To "Elyon"

Kakao Games and Krafton announced this week that Ascent: Infinite Realm would be getting a name change, as it has now been renamed to Elyon. According to the developers, this was done "to better reflect the new focus of the game with the pivot of the core design of the product". Beyond that, you have […]

Train Station Renovation Art

"Train Station Renovation" Is Coming To Steam Early Access

For those of you looking for an interesting decorating simulator game, Live Motion Games has one on the way to Steam called Train Station Renovation. This game basically puts you in the spot of a small construction company tasked with bringing old train stations back to life. Fixing up everything from the station and platform, […]

Neon Abyss-7

"Neon Abyss" Is Headed To All Three Major Consoles In 2020

Team17 and Veewo Games announced this morning that Neon Abyss will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. The game was already announced to be headed to Steam, where you can currently try out a free demo. Now we know it will pretty much be released everywhere, most likely […]

"Shantae And The Seven Sirens" Is Coming To Consoles & PC In May

WayForward announced this week that Shantae and the Seven Sirens will be getting a release this May, coming to PC as well as all three major consoles. The game is already available on Apple Arcade, and doing pretty good for itself there. So now the devs will expand and sell it for $30 on PC, PS4, Nintendo […]

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Artwork

"Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2" Is In Development

CI Games has confirmed this past week that development on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has already started.  CI Games' president Marek Tyminski dropped the news on the Polish business website Strefa Inwestorów. It came during an interview in which he was asked about their current projects. Here's the full quite about the game's development. […]

Warface 1 Million Players

"Warface" Reached One Million Players On Nintendo Switch In A Month

Chalk it up to a combination of the world's current status and people being interested in the game, as the game Warface scored a quick record for itself. MY.GAMES announced this week that the title now has one million players on the Nintendo Switch version, and it scored that number in under a month. That's […]


"STATIONflow" Will Be Coming To Steam's Early Access In April

DMM Games announced this week that they will be releasing their upcoming game STATIONflow into Steam's Early Access on April 15th. The game is basically setting itself up to be the ultimate in transportation management on a highly detailed level. As you will have to manage the continuous non-stop flow of passengers in a major […]


Save the World Instead of Infecting It With "Plague Inc.'s" New Update

Ever wanted to slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, at least, in a video game? Ndemic Creations, developers of the popular game Plague Inc., are aiming to let you do something jus like that with an upcoming update to the game. The team just donated $250k to CEPI and WHO in the name of […]

This Is The Zodiac Speaking Announcement Art

"This Is The Zodiac Speaking" Gets A September Release Date

Klabater and Punch Punk Games announced this morning that This Is The Zodiac Speaking will be officially released this Fall. Taking place at a very specific point in time in American crime history, this is a first-person detective game that blends together horror, stealth, and detective genres along with multiple endings to discover. Which ones […]

Beyond The Wire Logo

Redstone Interactive Announces New WWI FPS title "Beyond The Wire"

Redstone Interactive announced this week that they have a new first-person shooter based around World War I on the way called Beyond The Wire. The devs aimed to create a gritty version of the war, where they say it "avoids sacrificing playability for historical accuracy and ensures an ever-changing gaming landscape". Along with incorporating their […]

Gamedec Multirealm Art

"Gamedec" Shows Off 10 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Anshar Studios wanted to give fans a bit of a look into their upcoming title Gamedec by releasing a 10-minute gameplay video/walkthrough. The devs have been in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make it, and as part of the experience, have released this new footage for you to enjoy. We […]

Convoy Main Art

The Tactical Roguelike Truck Game "Convoy" Is Coming This April

If you're looking for an old-school game that plays like a tactical roguelike but also has a weird concept, then Convoy from Triangle Studios BV might be for you. Inspired by Mad Max and other games of the same genre, this game has you looking for scrap parts to fix a spaceship after having crash-landed […]

Rogue Company Main Art

"Rogue Company" Receives A Brand New Gameplay Trailer

Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games released a brand new gameplay trailer this week for their upcoming cross-platform team shooter game, Rogue Company. The game itself centers around a rouge organization that takes million dollar contracts from big-name companies and countries to do jobs others can't. Pick your top mercenaries for the job and dive […]

"Mars Horizon" Is Holding An Open Beta In April 2020

Auroch Digital announced today that they'll be holding an open beta for their upcoming strategy sim space exploration game, Mars Horizon. The game allows you to construct a base, design and build rockets to head to a destination, conduct missions throughout the known Solar System, and write your own history of space exploration as you […]

"DayZ" Receives A Brand New Patch Adding Gear And Fixes

Bohemia Interactive Adds New "DayZ" Servers For China Players

Some good news for Chinese players of DayZ, as developer Bohemia Interactive has added a ton of new servers for China to play the game. Ever since the game dropped back in December, there has been a bit of congestion from a few different countries with large populations, and this new addition will seek to […]

Endless Legend Logo Art

"Endless Legend" Has Been Made Free Until The End Of March

Amplitude has decided to help those staying at home during the self-quarantine by offering up their game Endless Legend free until the end of March. A number of players reached out to the devs to ask them if they could make their upcoming game Humankind free to play, but it's just not ready. So the […]