Get Your Game Mastering Unframed With Engine Publishing

By Christopher Helton

The award winning Engine Publishing, the people behind the successful game mastering blog Gnome Stew and the books for game masters EurekaMasks and Never Unprepared, are releasing a new book for tabletop game masters. Unframed, currently in preorder, gives advice on how be better at improvisational game mastering.

UnframedCoverAs a GM who prefers an improvisational approach myself, I am looking forward to seeing the advice of others in this area. There have been good advice for game masters who do more prep for their games (such as the fore mentioned Never Unprepared), but those of us who like to make things up as we go have been left high and dry until now.   With big name game designers such as Kenneth HiteRobin Laws and Wolfgang Baur, as well as GMs and designers like Stacy Dellorfano (organizer of the online gaming convention Contessa), Vincent BakerEmily Care Boss and many others, this book is sure to not disappoint. Few publishers focus on game mastering in the way that Engine Publishing does.

According to the Engine Publishing website, the preorder ends in July, so be sure to be the first game master in your social circles to have a copy. Once the book hits the streets I will be sure to share my thoughts and opinions on it here at Bleeding Cool.

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A geek blogger and rogue game designer. Lead writer for the Dorkland! blog (http: ) and co-publisher of the ENnie Awarding winning tabletop RPG company Battlefield Press, Inc.
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