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Paradox Interactive Acquires White Wolf Publishing

By Christopher Helton Shocking news in tabletop gaming came down the other day as it was announced that Paradox Interactive, publishers of video games like Crusader Kings II and Magika, had acquired White Wolf Publishing and the related Vampire: The Masquerade and World of Darkness rights brands from CCP Games. The deal for White Wolf […]

Bleeding Gen Con: The Wrap Up

By Christopher Helton I call these posts about the actual Gen Con experience themselves "Bleeding Gen Con" mostly as a joke, but this year was a hectic and busy experience. The exhibition hall grew again in size from last year and attendance was up again. The people at Gen Con said that the con had a unique […]

Bleeding Gen Con: Two Of The Best Four Days In Gaming

By Christopher Helton So, Gen Con happened, and then my computer broke. It has a been a busy couple of days here at the convention, but because of my computer issues, the articles won't be day by day like they were last year. It has been a busy convention, and one that has been full of […]

Bleeding Gen Con: This Year's Must Have Games At Gen Con

By Christopher Helton Wednesday I will be in Indianapolis, Indiana for the "Best Four Days In Gaming," Gen Con. The convention itself doesn't start until Thursday, but the fun starts on Wednesday night. Last year, as the lead in to my covering Gen Con for the first time for Bleeding Cool, I put together a list of some […]

Explore The Realms Of Tony DiTerlizzi's Roleplaying Game Art

By Christopher Helton The first thing that stuck me in reading Realms: The Roleplaying Game Art of Tony DiTerlizzi was just how phenomenal his art is. The second thing that I noticed was that his art was a factor that raised the sophistication of the presentation of roleplaying games to a level where it could […]

Steve Jackson Games Announces Munchkin Exclusives

By Christopher Helton Leading into next week's Gen Con. Steve Jackson Games have announced an exclusive partnering with Target for Munchkin Oz. Combining the whimsy of Baum's classic creations with the backstabbing zaniness of Munchkin is sure to create another classic  Munchkin game for gamers of all ages. Munchkin Oz will be available in stores, and on the Target website in early August. […]

Tony DiTerlizzi To Be Artist Guest Of Honor At Gen Con

by Christopher Helton Gen Con is coming. In just over a week I will be in scenic Indianapolis, Indiana, soaking in the local charm, heavy carbohydrate foods (always helpful to the geeky waistband) and, of course, The Best Four Days In Gaming. One of the high points of that will be getting to see artist Tony […]

A Storm Is Coming As TORG Returns With A New Edition

By Christopher Helton One of the big announcements at Gen Con next week will be the return of the classic roleplaying game TORG from German publisher Ulisses Spiele and Shane Hensley, creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds, and a team of designers and writers to be announced. Speculation has been rampant online as Hensley and others have been posting pictures of […]

Battle Of The Overwatches: Comics Versus Video Games

By Christopher Helton From my viewpoint it is always a good thing when local comic creators manage to make the jump up to the next level, whether it is because their comic itself gets the attention it deserves or because an outside factor jumps up their noticeability. Con Artist Entertainment is a central Florida publisher […]

Green Ronin's Inclusive Tabletop RPG Blue Rose's Last Few Days On Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton Depending on whom you ask, Green Ronin's Blue Rose tabletop roleplaying game is the best…or the worst…thing to happen to roleplaying. Originally published 10 years ago, the idea behind Blue Rose was to do some things differently than with other fantasy roleplaying games. First off, it would be about different sorts of fantasy that informed […]

SDCC '15: John Carter Comes To Tabletop Gaming

By Christopher Helton Coming out of the Edgar Rice Burroughs panel at San Diego Comic-Con came the announcement that the John Carter property was being licensed for tabletop gaming. Modiphius Entertainment (licensee of Gerry Anderson's The Thunderbirds for board roleplaying games, Robert E. Howard's Conan for roleplaying, the DUST Adventures roleplaying game) will aggressively produce various tabletop games using the characters and settings […]

2015 Diana Jones Award For Excellence In Gaming Shortlist Announced

By Christopher Helton With Gen Con  at the end of the month, award season for tabletop roleplaying games is in full swing. Last week the ENnies were announced, to no small amount of controversy, and today the Diana Jones Award shortlist has been announced. While, like with any award, the games included (or excluded)  can generate controversy, but […]

Tabletop RPG Award Nominates Copyright Infringing Game For Multiple Awards(UPDATE)

By Christopher Helton Today, one of the few awards in tabletop roleplaying games announced its 2015 award nominees. There are some really good games that are in the running for ENnies awards, but as I went over the list a different story emerged. The judges at the ENnies awards managed to not once, not twice but three times […]

Free RPG Day At Serenity Games In St. Petersburg FL

By Christopher Helton On a rainy afternoon in Florida, I braved the thunder and lightning to check out the Free RPG Day festivities at Serenity Games here in "sunny" St. Petersburg, FL. While Free RPG Day  doesn't have the size or impact of Free Comic Day or Geek & Sundry's Tabletop Day, it is still an event with meaning to local […]

Where Will You Be When Free RPG Takes Place?

By Christopher Helton Saturday, June 20th is the eighth annual Free RPG Day, and where will you be? Much like the bigger, and better known, Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day is when retailers and publishers come together to spread the good word of tabletop roleplaying and hopefully bring in a new player or two while doing […]

The Federal Trade Commission Takes Action Against Board Game Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton The Federal Trade Commission took legal action against the project creator of the Doom That Came To Atlantic City Kickstarter. A parody of the popular Monopoly board game, the project was plagued with issues when the project creator, Erik Chevalier, admitted to using funds from the Kickstarter project to either rent or purchase a home, secure licenses […]

How Comic World Could End

By Christopher Helton We talked about this at the beginning of the week, but Comic World, a comic store that has been in the Largo, Florida area since 1982 is in danger of closing. Yesterday Dc Comics creator Jimmy Palmiotti and Concrete Canvas Studios artist Greg Mattson signed books and did sketches to help raise some money for Patrick […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Enter HeroClix Fray

By Christopher Helton At the opening of the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio today WizKids (makers of the popular HeroClix games) announced a partnership with Nickelodeon to produce games based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Games will include HeroClix and DiceMaster games based on the TMNT properties. According to the information released, the games will cover "all iterations of the comics […]

Pinnacle Entertainment Shoots The Sixth Gun Through Kickstarter

By Christopher Helton As we've reported already, The Sixth Gun comic from creators Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, and published by Oni Press is going to be made into a tabletop roleplaying game. Coming from Pinnacle Entertainment, the Sixth Gun Role-Playing Game will use the popular and award winning Savage Worlds game. Last year at […]