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Explore Mythic Realms With HeroQuest Glorantha From Moon Design
It has since been used as the default setting for nearly every edition of the Runequest tabletop RPG, a video game called King of Dragon Pass. Originally called HeroWars, a rule system created by Glorantha creator Greg Stafford and game designer Robin Laws to better simulate Stafford's vision of the world of Glorantha[...]
Bleeding Gen Con Starts – The Hillfolk RPG Wins The Diana Jones Award
Winning this year's Diana Jones Award is the roleplaying game Hillfolk by Robin Laws. The Hillfolk roleplaying game was the result of a very successful Kickstarter campaign (raising over $93K on a campaign with a $3000 goal) Published by Pelgrane Press, with Hillfolk "you and your group weave an epic, ongoing saga of high-stakes interpersonal conflict that grows richer with every session[...]
Get Your Game Mastering Unframed With Engine Publishing
There have been good advice for game masters who do more prep for their games (such as the fore mentioned Never Unprepared), but those of us who like to make things up as we go have been left high and dry until now.   With big name game designers such as Kenneth Hite, Robin Laws and Wolfgang Baur, as[...]
Investigate The Horrors With The Trail of Cthulhu Bundling of Holding
Customized to facilitate investigations in your role-playing games, the Gumshoe system was designed by game designer and novelist Robin Laws (and used in games such as Essoterrorists, Mutant City Blues and Ashen Stars) and then reinvisioned for the Cthulhu mythos by designer Kenneth Hite For a couple more days you can pick up this game[...]