Roman Reigns Promises To Make History Tonight At Wrestlemania Tonight… But What Kind Of History?


Tonight, Roman Reigns faces off against The Undertaker in what could be the main event at Wrestlemania (it's unclear whether this match, or Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar, will happen last). Reigns, who technically plays a "good guy" on WWE's TV shows, has been widely despised by fans since winning the Royal Rumble in 2015 instead of fan favorite Daniel Bryan. Despite this rejection, WWE has stubbornly refused to turn Roman Reigns "heel" (make him a bad guy), which has only served to make fans even madder. Though fans even directly rejected the idea of a Reigns/Undertaker match when WWE asked them, they went ahead with it anyway.

On Twitter, Reigns promised something special for the event:

The obvious way in which the match could have historic importance is if it's Undertaker's last. Picture this scene: The Undertaker defeated. Roman Reigns standing tall. The crowd booing as loudly as possible. Historically loud, perhaps. The Undertaker struggles to his feet. Does he want to fight Roman Reigns some more. No. Roman Reigns has earned The Undertaker's respect. He asks for a mic. "Roman Reigns. You've proven that this really is your yard now, Big Dog. You're the real phenom of the WWE. And now, my career will rest… in… peaaaacccce nnnhrrnrrrnrnr."

Sure, the boos would be epic, but that can all be fixed in post-production.

Wrestlemania officially starts at 7PM Eastern tonight, with the pre-show starting at 5PM. In case you're interested and aren't already a subscriber, you can get a free trial of the WWE Network and watch tonight's event for free.

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