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WWE Star Roman Reigns Calls Out NXT Champion Keith Lee

WWE Star Roman Reigns Calls Out NXT Champion Keith Lee

WWE Superstar The Big Dog Roman Reigns wants a piece of the new NXT Champion, Keith Lee Reigns called out Lee on Twitter after reading a Sports Illustrated profile on the NXT star Lee defeated Adam Cole on Wednesday's episode of NXT in a winner take all match, making Lee the first person in history[...]

Roman Reigns declares that WWE is his yard now: Raw, April 3, 2017

Roman Reigns Thinks WWE is Doing a Great Job with Coronavirus

But WWE star Roman Reigns, who dropped out of a WrestleMania match for the WWE Universal Championship and hasn’t been back since, doesn’t see it that way The Big Dog said in an interview with Indian newspaper The Hindu  that he has the utmost faith in WWE’s handling of the pandemic His co-workers, on the[...]

Roman Reigns is the WWE Locker Room Leader No One Has Followed

With a second COVID-19 case found amongst the talent and crew participating in WWE television tapings, one thing has become even more clear: Roman Reigns was right to take WWE up on their questionably genuine offer to stay home from work until the pandemic is over Unfortunately, despite his status as the company's top guy,[...]

Roman Reigns declares that WWE is his yard now: Raw, April 3, 2017

Undertaker Feels the Same as Fans About His Match with Roman Reigns

WWE legend The Undertaker has similar feelings to the ones you do about his WrestleMania 33 match with Roman Reigns, but for different reasons The Undertaker called the match "disappointing" in an interview on ESPN, as transcribed by 411 Wrestling However, it wasn't because the match was used as yet another way to force The[...]

Roman Reigns reminds Stephanie McMahon that he is the "authority" in WWE: Raw, March 21, 2016

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Breaks Silence on Absence

WWE Superstar "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns has finally broken the silence on his absence from WWE Reigns has been absent from WWE television since dropping out of a planned WrestleMania 36 match against Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship Making matters worse, WWE has reportedly censored any mention of Reigns on TV Though the[...]

30 facts you need to know about Roman Reigns: WWE List This!

Could Roman Reigns End Up Being WWE's New CM Punk?

Roman Reigns may be the WWE's new CM Punk, an idea that at first may sound ridiculous, but I ask you to consider whether it may nonetheless be true Yesterday, my colleague wrote about WWE's campaign to silence any mention of Roman Reigns on their television shows The whole thing seems to stem from The Big[...]

Roman Reigns takes on the RAW roster, courtesy of WWE.

Why is WWE Pulling a Reverse Poochie on Roman Reigns?

There's been another development in the saga of WWE forbidding Roman Reigns from being mentioned on WWE television In addition to the edict reportedly given to announcers and superstars that nobody mention The Big Dog's name on TV, it seems that Reigns is now being edited out of clips of past matches as well This[...]

Triple H's 25 greatest moments: WWE Top 10 Special Edition, courtesy of WWE.

Triple H Puts WWE Fans In Their Place, Denies Crowd Noise Editing

Everybody."Triple H specifically called out fans who have spent the last several years trying to ruin WWE's push of "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns, an incredible wrestler who is destined to be The Guy in WWE, but whom fans dislike out of spite against Vince McMahon Fans boo Roman when he is supposed to be[...]

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Discusses Dream Match With Roman Reigns

Johnson discussed facing off against his cousin, Roman Reigns."I think anything is possible," The Rock said, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc "Sure, of course, I'm always open That's the cool thing about professional wrestling; there is an adaptability to wrestling You never say never in the world of pro wrestling."Johnson's platitude is more correct than[...]

Roman Reigns declares that WWE is his yard now: Raw, April 3, 2017

Roman Reigns' Name Banned from WWE TV Says Report

According to the latest issue of Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE on-air talent are forbidden from mentioning Roman Reigns on television Reigns was initially set to face Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 but backed out at the last minute after The Miz became ill Reigns, a Leukemia survivor, was reportedly concerned for his health in[...]

wrestlemania 36

WrestleMania 36 Results Braun Strowman vs Universal Champion Goldberg

After the WrestleMania 36 rumors of Roman Reigns dropping out of the Universal Championship match against Goldberg were confirmed, WWE gave us our replacement; Braun Strowman This seems like a cheap cop out, but ok Fine I'm sure this will be a quick match With almost no build up between the two, it's hard to[...]

Triple H: Putting on WrestleMania felt like an obligation to us | ESPN MMA

"WrestleMania 36": WWE Treating Taped Event More Like A Movie

Normally the biggest wrestling event of the year, held in a stadium with tens of thousands of audience members, WrestleMania 36 has been taped at the Performance Center, and matches have been changed around thanks to some wrestlers like The Miz falling ill and others like Roman Reigns backing out due to fears over a[...]


WWE WrestleMania 36: Triple H Talks [SPOILER] Missing WrestleMania

Consider this your last chance - in case you want to remain surprised heading into this weekend. Ok- Triple H had this to say about Roman Reigns opting out of his match at this year's "show of shows" over health concerns connected with Reigns' Leukemia diagnosis: "All of our talent are in this in a voluntary capacity[...]


WWE Modern Superstars Have Arrived with Eaglemoss

There are 5 statues headed our way as Superstars Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owen are all here and ready for your collection Each one packs on the right amount of detail for the price given Each one shows off their Superstar costumed look and are all quite nicely done[...]

New York Toy Fair: 90+ Pics From the Diamond Select Toys Booth

Let's Taste Test the New Good Humor WWE Ice Cream Bars

Then you flip to the back and it's basically an ad for the WWE Network, along with a crappy cut out of Roman Reigns Overall, they nailed the outside.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1168193,1168195,1168194"]Then you open the box Each contains four bars I got two boxes, and both were the same- two Roman Reigns, one John Cena,[...]

WWE Superstars Are Now Added To "Brawlhala"

Four WWE Superstars Are Now Added To "Brawlhalla"

The four new names jumping in are "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Roman Reigns, Asuka, and The Undertaker We have a trailer for all four as well as what they can do to each opponent below Best of luck defeating them in Brawlhalla![caption id="attachment_1113543" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Ubisoft[/caption] The following WWE Superstar Epic Crossovers will be available[...]

Was WWE's Hell in a Cell Fiasco Part of Long-Term Scheme to Make Roman Reigns "The Guy?"

Now, WWE has announced that Rollins will face Roman Reigns on this Friday's edition of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, which, now that we think about it, explains everything. about it Roman Reigns wasn't the start of WWE's belligerence toward fans, but his multi-year unwanted push as the company's top babyface was surely the worst[...]

"WWE 2K20" Shows Off The New Towers Mode With Roman Reigns

2K Games decided to show off a little more of WWE 2K20 this week with a look at the new Towers Mode featuring Roman Reigns You can read the full description here, but the shorthand version is you'll be following Reigns' career over the past seven years with 16 key matches You'll watch as Roman[...]

2K Sports Reveals "WWE 2K20" Cover Art And Trailers

2K Sports Reveals "WWE 2K20" Cover Art And Trailers

The company has decided to put Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns on the cover of the Deluxe Edition box, and have released an image of the Collector's Edition, which you can see below We have the full details of both versions of the game below, as well as some quotes from the company about the[...]

New ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ Trailer: Action's Perfect ‘Odd Couple’

New 'Hobbs and Shaw' Trailer: Action's Perfect 'Odd Couple'

He seriously needs to be the next James Bond or give him his own action franchise.The film also becomes a family affair with Hattie Shaw (Vanessa Kirby) and Hobb’s Samoan family, among them is Johnson’s relative, Joe Anoa’i, better known to WWE fans as Roman Reigns.While Johnson stars in the spinoff, he confirmed at Sundance[...]