Why The Craft Could Use Another Sequel That Follows the Original

The Craft was a cult-classic '90s film with some of the best aesthetic appeal of that particular cinematic era, including memorable rebel prep-school grunge, depictions of abuse, racism, and the exploration of power.

The film became an incredible moment for pop-culture and eventually led to the recent sort-of-sequel The Craft: Legacy. The new version of the film centers around a new coven of witches, and the energy of the film is drastically different from the tone of the first film in 1996.

Towards the film's final scene, we learn (spoiler alert!) that the film's protagonist is actually the daughter of none other than Nacy from the first film. Nancy is often referred to as the fan-favorite for Fairuza Balk's depiction of the power-hungry and deceptive witch, and her very short (short) moment in The Craft: Legacy wasn't nearly enough of Balk, Nancy, or the witches of the first film, so we still desire more. 

Nancy has so much potential.

Nancy ended The Craft in an asylum, driven mad by losing her power and connection to Manon. In the sequel, we see she's still locked away but is now much more subdued and has had a child who requires a lot of explaining in the first place.

Why The Craft Could Use Another Sequel to Expand on the Original
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Nancy achieved extreme levels of power in the film, and her tendency to get greedy meant that she's a potential vessel for darker magic. Now that Nancy has met her daughter, this could spark something in the detached character. The exploration of years without power and being on the brink of insanity could create endless opportunities for stories. Even if it's something that's scarce, it would be really monumental to see a film that strictly follows Nancy's perspective as a distressed witch having just discovered her powerful daughter.

Respect for the original

While The Craft: Legacy made it clear there was the intention to respect The Craft and still evolve into a more modern, aware film, The Craft is such a beloved title that there's deep respect that fans have for the first film.

Now that The Craft: Legacy has tried to expand the universe, it would be nice to see a follow-up expand on the original women and their lives. Obviously, the aforementioned Nancy point above is a piece of the puzzle, but there's still the other three women left unnamed in the film, and it would be a nice nod to them if there were a chance to make their roles still relevant to the story.

Possibly the targeting of witches, a resurgence of power, or something completely off the wall, there's genuinely room to elaborate. It would be incredible to see The Craft try to return to the world that was loved by a generation, with a lot more evident and direct parallels to the film. Give us a shot of the woman who ran the magic shop or a Skeet Ulrich resurrection that reunites the women under mysterious circumstances; we'll really take anything — we aren't that picky if there's a more direct correlation.

The dawn of true legacy sequels

The name The Craft: Legacy was definitely a nod to the Nancy bloodline continuing the future of the film, and it was enough to generate a strong amount of buzz online. Of course, it wasn't as connected (outside of the bloodline reference) as we had hoped, which is a shame for those who went into the film as fans of the original. 

Why The Craft Could Use Another Sequel to Expand on the Original
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It is definitely appreciated that they went with a bloodline connection. Still, if this film doesn't result in other future sequels, our exposure to The Craft 2.0 is Nancy turning towards the camera and leaving on a cliffhanger. A film like Halloween and Scream knows that the fanbase comes back to these films for characters. If The Craft were to make a comeback, there's a good chance the original witches reuniting could be an unexpected, mature, evolutionary tale of powerful women — post-teenage years too.  

The reason The Craft: Legacy had so much hype in the first place was because of the admiration fans have for the original film, so why not bring them back and embrace a different side of the original witches.

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