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“Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" Delivers Maturity and Heart

"Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" Delivers Maturity and Heart

Digimon has matured along with its viewers, and after more than two decades, the franchise has tackled its most adult subjects yet. When Digimon originally aired in 1999, it enthralled children with a digital world that followed young and unprepared protagonists. The series grounded itself with themes that discussed teamwork, partnership, and inner strength through […]

Everything That Makes "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" Worthwhile

Everything that Makes "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" Worthwhile

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising will be arriving in US theaters this week, and ahead of its release we are breaking down some of the new film's best inclusions. As most of you already know, My Hero Academia is an ongoing anime that has established a massive audience for its action-packed focus with a major […]

Satoshi Kon's "Tokyo Godfathers" Receives Re-Release and English Dub

Satoshi Kon's "Tokyo Godfathers" Returns to Theaters with English Dub

The late Satoshi Kon has created some of the most intricate and detailed anime films during his life, and even years later, these films are often discussed for their genre-mixed concepts that play up psychological horror like Perfect Blue to the lighthearted comedic stylings of Tokyo Godfathers. Kon's work is extremely unique, inspiring writers and […]

Viz Media Announces Their October Manga Titles

"My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising" Release Date Announced

My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular anime titles in recent years, with countless fans of all ages witnessing the story of young heroes in training. The manga has spawned several anime seasons, merchandise and now two films, with the most recent being titled My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. After the massive […]

A Saw marathon is coming to SYFY this weekend.

What We Can Expect From the Upcoming "Saw" Movie

The Saw franchise has made a reputation for itself as a gory, torturous series of films. Each chapter of Saw introduced an assortment of devices and or obstacles that unwilling participants would have to overcome in order to leave with a new chance at life. Some of the films were examples of memorable horror, while […]

What We're Excited to See in "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna"

"Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" Gets a US Release Date

Digimon fans are in for a treat, with Toei Animation and Fathom Events announcing that the US Digimon lovers will receive an opportunity to witness the epic event in theaters very soon. The announcement was shared on Wednesday, explaining that Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna will be screened for US audiences with a limited release […]

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

"The Grudge" Director Discusses the Film's Canon

The Grudge didn't exactly achieve mainstream success during its opening weekend but has delivered some solid ties to the 2004 film. The '04 film also received mixed reactions during its initial release, but now the new film has some people looking at the first US film with a little more appreciation. The film only briefly […]

Quentin Tarantino attends the premiere of the movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2019 in Cannes, France.

Quentin Tarantino Discusses His Last Film and What Comes Next

For years, Quentin Tarantino has discussed the idea of retiring as a film director after helming 10 films. Throughout that time, he has now crafted nine films and has written or contributed to several others, but only one unknown original concept film remains. There have been discussions regarding a third Kill Bill chapter (which wouldn't […]

Celebrating "Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child" 30 Years Later

Celebrating "Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child" 30 Years Later

It's been three decades since the fifth chapter of Wes Craven's Nightmare on Elm Street, and the sequel is still a solid horror film that successfully expands the franchise. Prior to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, we had witnessed Freddy Kruger terrorize and kill a large number of young adults and […]

3 Things That "The Grudge" Actually Did Right

3 Things That "The Grudge" Actually Did Right

The Grudge has finally made its way into theaters, and audiences have been extremely vocal about their polarizing feelings on its return. The new sequel-ish adaptation attempts to walk a fine line between acknowledging and respecting its predecessors in addition to making it more modern horror — but it offers its best moments when utilizing […]

“Evil Dead” Returns to Theaters with 4K Remaster and New Score

Another "Evil Dead" Film is Still Happening

Evil Dead is one of those properties that has a dedicated audience, consistently awaiting more. Over the years there have been multiple films, a reboot, multi-season series, video game appearances, comics, or just about any pop culture contribution you can imagine. After the constant conversations about the future of the franchise, as well as the […]

Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade Worth Revisiting

Top 10 Horror Films of the Decade Worth Revisiting

Horror has seen drastic shifts in the last 10 years, with slasher returns, found footage exploration and the thrill of a paranormal presence, delivering a long list of impressive films. Because of the new evolution of horror, the past 10 years has brought countless options for genre fans, and we believe that there are 10 […]

"The Craft" Star Refers to New Film as a Reimagination

"The Craft" Star Refers to New Film as a Reimagination

The 90's cult classic film The Craft was loved by a generation, and is responsible for a distinct take on witchcraft, with a new film already on the way. There hadn't been any discussion about reintegrating the original cast of the film, with a new cast already in place — but little to nothing known […]

"The Grudge" Introduces a New Poster Following Tradition

"The Grudge" Director Discusses the Future of the Franchise

The Grudge officially arrives in theaters this weekend, marking the return of the Japanese-inspired horror icon in a brand new adaptation. The film is said to respect the concepts of both the Japanese film in addition to the US reboot and naturally, there are questions surrounding the future of The Grudge before we've even seen […]

What We Know About "World's Greatest First Love" Anime Film

What We Know About "Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (World's Greatest First Love)"

The anime series Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (World's Greatest First Love) has become one of the most beloved romance series in Japan, in addition to being one of the only that centers on LGBTQ relationships. After two seasons and a film, the manga-based series has found an audience that appreciates the necessity of more inclusive relationships, and […]

It's About Time We Recieved That "BioShock" Movie

With established franchises falling short at the box office and new original ideas struggling to land an audience, it seems like it's about time to pull from other pre-existing properties. Anime has been one new source for live-action, but there's still plenty of content in video games as well — which could be expressed through […]

Breaking Down the New "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Trailer

Breaking Down the New "Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna" Trailer

With every day that passes, our excitement for Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna grows, and just after discussing what we're most excited to see from the franchise, we've discovered even more updates about the upcoming Digimon film — this time it's a new official trailer! We had previously received a brief teaser trailer, which was soon […]

"Kill Bill" Could Have Had a Different Bill

"Kill Bill" Could Have Had a Different Bill

It's hard to imagine any actor other than the late David Carradine playing Bill in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. Carradine brought the character to life as a prominently discussed yet subtly shown rival to The Bride, but like any film, you have to have other options — and the director is sharing a few names […]