Adam Blampied

Adam Blampied Officially Out Of Cultaholic

Earlier this week we reported on the news that Adam Blampied, one of the former stars of WhatCulture's wrestling division and partner in the soon-to-be-launched Cultaholic website and YouTube channel publicly admitted that he had been soliciting women for photos on social media, claiming he was in an open relationship and using his celebrity status[...]


Cultaholic's Launch Delayed After A Member Admits To Inappropriate Conduct

A few hours ago, Adam Blampied, one of the more prolific members of the channel announced in a tweet below with a statement that he has been engaging in inappropriate conduct with women The conduct in question: he has been interacting with women via social media, telling them he's in an open relationship and asking for[...]


Former WhatCulture Wrestling Crew Debut "Cultaholic" In New Video

Five men: Adam Blampied, Sam Driver, Jack "The Jobber" King, Adam Pacitti, and "King" Ross Tweddell, all left the company at the same time Whether or not they left on their own accord or were fired is still being debated online, but we do know that both sides quickly responded to the departures as WhatCulture threw[...]