Former WhatCulture Wrestling Crew Debut "Cultaholic" In New Video

So back on September 19th, WhatCulture's wrestling wing lost five prominent faces from their site and YouTube channel in what appeared to be a jaw-dropping exodus from the company. Five men: Adam Blampied, Sam Driver, Jack "The Jobber" King, Adam Pacitti, and "King" Ross Tweddell, all left the company at the same time. Whether or not they left on their own accord or were fired is still being debated online, but we do know that both sides quickly responded to the departures as WhatCulture threw out  "future endeavors" press releases with videos highlighting that their company is made of more than just a few people, while the five departing men changed their social media to have a countdown clock with this symbol.

Former WhatCulture Wrestling Crew Debut "Cultaholic" In New Video

Today, the countdown reached zero and the video below debuted their new venture, Cultaholic. What it's going to be is still unknown, but we do know that the official launch date for the website and their YouTube content will be November 1st. The video itself is pretty clever as they shed all of their old personas and what made them sort of stand out at WC to form a new company. Now unless all five men managed to avoid signing an NDA (which is possible if you believe the ratings of other former staffers of WC and what it's like working for the company), you probably won't be hearing what happened. What you are probably going to get is more wrestling content with more creative control, along with whatever else interests them. Fingers crossed that it will be awesome, and as fans of their work, we wish them the best of luck!

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