Alice Through The Looking Glass

Johnny Depp's Disneyland Surprise Stunt Wasn't His First

But this isn't the first time Depp has gone to The Happiest Place on Earth to surprise visitors — and it likely won't be his last.Almost a year ago, Depp dressed up as The Mad Hatter to promote the upcoming Alice Through The Looking Glass, at the same resort Check out the footage below. [...]

Kaitlyn's Bottom Eleven Movies Of 2016

Alice Through The Looking Glass Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie was one of the worst things he ever made but it also made a ton of money so now everyone is back for a sequel For a movie named after her Alice doesn’t appear to be the main character as all the focus is[...]

37 Minutes Of Extras On Alice Through The Looking Glass Blu-Ray / Digital

Johnny Depp fans take note, the home video release of Alice Through The Looking Glass will be October 18th on Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere The follow up to Alice in Wonderland featured the return of Depp as the Mad Hatter as well as Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Anne Hathaway as the White[...]

Looking Through The Looking Glass

I went and saw the new Alice Through The Looking Glass film yesterday It wasn't a film I had purposely wanted to see nor had I seen the previous film But it was the girlfriends turn to pick and she like the first film and had been anticipating the sequel I went in with no[...]

A Much Better, Madder View Of Alice Through The Looking Glass

fanfic with ideas well above its station, taking characters and moments from throughout a work and trying to tie everything in, offering little that was new, and hoping that references would substitute for plot and character.But the kids liked it.Alice Through The Looking Glass however is a different beast and for me one of those[...]

Alice Races Against Time In New Alice Through The Looking Glass Trailer

In a new trailer for Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice once again finds herself in Wonderland as Time itself attempts to put an end to the Hatter and that place of odd enchantment It is up to Alice to stop Time .. which, oddly enough, will restore the flow of time Ah, Wonderland.[youtube][/youtube]Alice Through[...]

It's Time For A Little Madness – Diseny Releases Posters For Alice Sequel

Disney has released two new posters for their upcoming film Alice Through The Looking Glass This is the sequel to the 2010 Alice In Wonderland film and is also based on a novel by Lewis Carroll The story takes place six months after her first adventure in Wonderland and will be directed by James Bobin[...]