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Bathroom Bulletins are rumors and gossip reports based on information sent to Bleeding Cool by the Pooper Scoopers, an elite spinoff of the Bleeding Cool spy corps known as Little Bleeders who hide inside the stalls of comic on restrooms hoping to overhear scoops about tomorrow's hottest comic book news stories. Bleeding Cool is unable to verify the veracity of these reports, so please take them with a grain of salt and remember to flush and wash your hands when finished reading.

Speculation: How Will Marvel Respond to the Batpenis

Speculation: How Will Marvel Respond to the Batpenis?

Earlier today, DC Comics, for better or for worse, changed the landscape of comics forever by revealing Batman's penis in Batman: Damned #1. But bold, trendsetting moves like this are often measured, excuse the pun, not by the size of the boat, but by the motion of the ocean, by which we mean the impact […]