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Rogue One Trailer Sabotaged
Someone must've really liked the use of Sabotage from the Beastie Boys in Star Trek Beyond Because here we have the latest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story being remixed with the song from 1994 and it works remarkably well Though personally I would've went with the Krokus version of Ballroom Blitz for this trailer.[...]
Image Watch – Revving The Dark Engine With Ryan Burton
Music? That list is way, way too long, but some of my go-tos are Prince, Otis Redding, Beastie Boys, and I've been listening to Black Keys, Vampire Weekend and Chvrches a lot lately. Dark Engine #1 is released July 16th.  Tell your local retailer to preorder you a copy with Diamond Code: MAY140574 David Dissanayake is a[...]