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Boom Studios To Reduce Shipments To Comic Stores In Coming Months
We sell comic books together. That's why, in 2017, I started tweeting that everyone in the comic book industry should #BoostYourLCS because local comic book shops are the lifeblood of this industry. And then I put my money where my mouth is. We introduced the BOOM! Guarantee retailer program, providing what I – and many of you –[...]
The Unspoken Crisis Killing Local Comic Shops
With the hashtag of #BoostYourLCS hitting the web to help comics shops everywhere, Pack Rat comics in Hilliard, Ohio pointed out something else that is hurting comics shops… and it's not lack of new readers, variant covers, late shipping books or digital editions… It's subscribers who order comics then don't pick them up. As the sign points[...]
Hitting The Road To Fullerton, CA For #BoostYourLCS
After Ross Richie kicked off the idea of #BoostYourLCS, my friend Ashley and I decided to hit a few local comic shops and buy some trades… but record it so folks can get a look inside the shops in case they want to go visit Our first trip out took us to Fullerton, CA where[...]
Reviewing The Art Of DC Comics Bombshells
When I was out and about yesterday hitting a coupe store to support #BoostYourLCS, I picked up a copy of The Art of DC Comics Bombshells The statues, covers and comic series are based largely on the designs of artist Ant Luccia and has been one of their best selling lines since it's debut back[...]