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The series stars Brad James, Robinne Lee, Demetria McKinney and Mario Van Peebles. In the pilot episode, Calvin Hastings returns home to reconnect with his family, but the reunion is cut short by a string of killings instigated by a supernatural villain only Calvin & his family can take down. From the synopsis:  La Rochelle is also considered a "landing patch" for[...]
Syfy's 'Superstition' To Meet All Your "Afterlife Care" Needs This Fall
Using arcane weaponry, brute strength, mystical alchemy and a deep knowledge of the occult and ancient lore, they quell the evil within the shadows." Originally announced as going straight-to-series in December 2016 by Syfy, Superstition also stars Robinne Lee (Fifty Shades Darker), Brad James (For Better Or Worse), W Earl Brown (Preacher), Demetria McKinney (House Of[...]