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The Stuff Of Legend Creative Team Thanks Loyal Fans And Welcomes New Readers
Old and new readers should be excited about this Free Comic Book Day title…The Stuff of Legend, from Third World Studios, written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith, with art by Charles Paul Wilson III, is back! After a long hiatus the creative team thanked loyal fans and welcomed new readers by beginning the reprint of their original Free[...]
Shadow Show From IDW Is One Of Those Projects That Should Happen And Did
With cross-media writers like Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, and Harlan Ellison contributing stories to the original volume of prose, it's only fair that comic artists get a chance to make that statement too, in their own way. The first issue of Shadow Show from IDW arrives today in shops, featuring the work of Joe Hill, Charles[...]
Live From The Comic Shop: Wraith, Umbral, Rocket Girl Expand Their Genres
It's out from IDW with art by Charles Paul Wilson III, colors by Jay Fotos, and Letters by Shawn Lee and Robbie Robins Let's start with some stunning prose by Hill from the mouth of sinister chauffer Charlie Manx: "…there are the private roads of thought, where emotions are weather, blowing across the landscape of[...]