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Movies With Mikey Lays The Case That The Joker Was The Hero In The Dark Knight

In the video, Neumann posits that The Joker in Chris Nolan's Dark Knight might be to most effective and 'good' force in the movie in the most interesting way.Take a look: The Dark Knight has been disceted and torn apart in a ton of ways since its release, being one of the most respected comic[...]

Booze Geek – Spacewalker American Belgo And Interstellar

By Dylan GonzalezBeer: Spacewalker American BelgoBrewery: Great Lakes Brewing Co.ABV: 8.2%It seems only fitting that my return beer is space related.  I feel like I have been gone so long, it was like I was off planet.  Booze Geek is back in the game.  This week, I checked out Great Lakes’ Spacewalker American Belgo, a[...]

Watch Christian Bale's Batman Screen Test… With Superman's Girlfriend

He was very thin at the time, fresh off The Machinist, but putting on a bit of a gruff helped convince Chris Nolan and co that he was the man.For the purposes of these screen tests, Amy Adams stood in opposite the various Batmen, as "a favour" This would have been in 2004, I believe,[...]

Report: Christopher Nolan Offered The Next James Bond Film

Wilson have approached Chris Nolan with an offer to direct the next episode.According to The Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye, who has a great track record with Bond stories, "informal talks" with Nolan and his people are underway.Right at the moment, Nolan is gearing up to start production on his wormhole-hopping drama, Interstellar, and the Bond gig[...]

Christopher Nolan Wants Matthew McConaughey To Go Interstellar

The new draft has been drawn up by director Chris Nolan and his brother, Jonah.Apparently, the film still hangs on a journey into a wormhole, though, and Nolan Sr is currently at work, casting the actors he'll be plunging through it.According to Deadline, his top pick for the lead is Matthew McConaughey They don't seem to[...]

Will The Dark Knight Rises DVD And Blu-Ray Really Contain A Director's Cut?

It's just a rumour that's been spread around town – for now, anyway – but people are saying The Dark Knight Rises will be released in a new, director's cut on DVD and Blu-ray. It seems that Nuke The Fridge started the rumour, saying that the added material will include: Bane's origin plus a bit […]

How The Dark Knight Rises Got A Critic Banned From Rotten Tomatoes

There are, at the moment, two negative reviews for The Dark Knight Rises in the collection at Rotten Tomatoes, the website that collates professional reviews into a percentage-based approval rating. Upset by these bad reviews, "fans of the film" have been so virulent in their torrents of trolling that comments have actually been disabled at […]

Man Of Steel Now Set For 2D, 3D And IMAX 3D

The internet babbled about this at length, mainly concerned about the then still in-development The Dark Knight Rises.Then Chris Nolan, for reasons he's repeated almost ad nauseum (and I'm including his nausea in there), decided that his film was going to be 2D, and 2D only.It has been assumed, for quite some time, that Zack Snyder's[...]

The Dark Knight Rises Mini-Rushes – Images, Posters, Promos And More

Here's a round-up of some Bat Shenanigans from the last day or so.Geoff Boucher has compiled a profile of Chris Nolan, and a report on visiting the Dark Knight Rises set You can read that Hero Complex Here are the new images shared in that story.And the most interesting quote, though it may be an[...]